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Hi. My MacBook suddenly started telling me that my hard drive is full. I've looked at the size of memory used for different storage items and discovered that 5.5GB is used to hold a Previous Local IDisk. I'm not sure what that is. Is that just an old copy of my IDisk that I don't really need?

Can someone also please suggest ways that I can free up storage space on my computer? I've discovered that I can also move my ITunes to my external hard drive so I think that can free up another 20GB but now just have to figure out how...



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    You can use AppZapper or AppDelete to remove programs you no longer need or use.

    Monolingual can help free up some space taken up by language files you don't use. The language files take up close to 2 GB.

    WhatSize or Disk Inventory X are good to use to see what is all on your hard drive.

    I Keep all my iTunes files, 100 GB + , on an external drive. I just copied them all to the external and then created a new library from the folder. Just be sure that before you add the music back to your library you uncheck the copy music to your itunes folder in your itunes preferences.

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    Thanks I'll give it a shot. Any idea what this Previous Local IDisk thing is?
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    If I remember correctly it is a copy of your iDisk so that if you aren't online you can add to it or edit it and then when you connect to the net it syncs and saves over your on-line iDisk. I had one when I had a .mac account and deleted it when i didn't use it anymore. If you don't use iDisk anymore you should be safe to nuke it.