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Alright . . I'm currently on a PC (XP) and jumping head first into the Mac world SOON. . . basically SICK of PCs. Anyway, I use FL Studio softare to create music and I was wondering if Logic Pro even compares to FL Studio in anyway. If it doesn't, then I guess I would be forced to use Paralells or VMWare Fusion or Crossover. So here are some quick questions for anyone who can help.

01. Does Logic Pro compare to FL Studio? Better, worse, etc?

02. Anyone have any experience using FL Studio (or any other PC software) with virtualization software like the ones mentioned above?

03. Crossover looks REALLY interesting. Is anyone using it successfully? http://www.codeweavers.com/products/differences/

04. Can Logic Pro use VST plugins such as Stylus RMX, Trilogy, etc?

I'm converting, but I still want to hold onto my most favorite Sequencer if I can . . . . looking at Logic Pro, though, which "could" be cool, but I don't really know anything about it . . .

Thanks in advance!!


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    To answer 4, logic doesn't use VST, but most plugs, including the ones you mention are available for AU which is what logic uses. Unfortunately Trilogy and Atmosphere aren't ported to the intel hardware yet, but that's a mac issue and not a logic specific one. Supposed to be done this fall.

    I can't address FL, haven't used it.
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    01. Does Logic Pro compare to FL Studio? Better, worse, etc

    DIFFERENT is the keyword here. FL is used as a loop sequencer, and Logic can be used as such, but also has a lot of other features like regular multitracking, a host of great MIDI features, and Score printing. Logic is used in so many ways...and does not necessarily come with "built-in" loops like FL. You have to get your own loops to use with Logic.

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    What's FL Studio?!
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    Fruity-Loops, a PC base Apps which is user friendly, it even has MPC Templates, in Auto, however its no where near Logic not even 5.9% don't get me wrong though its fun to ride with for starters.


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    Thanks Blayzay.

    Looks like it works on Intel Macs with Bootcamp.The OP will be straight either way...as long has he ditches that PC
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    Your welcome Aaron H.

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    I have worked with Fruity Loops, and to make an easy, fair comparison, jumping from Fruity (on PC) to Logic Pro (MAC) is like jumping from a Hyundai into a Rolls Royce. Logic is so much more flexible, and powerful, not to mention that it is made by MAC to be used on MAC so it is virtually crashless.