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I use LaTeX to produce scientific documents. LaTeX uses Computer Modern fonts; they are Postscript Type 1 font with specific encoding. They have been made public and are available at this address:
I have installed them from Classic into my OSX account. They all appear in the Font Book (in French, Livre des Polices) Apple utility, in the following way: all the Computer Modern Fonts are grouped and bear the same style (Plain).
PDF files with such embedded fonts appear fine both in Preview and in Acrobat Reader (see http://cjoint.com/?ircwUWHVfD for an example PDF file) for an example file.
However, when I try to select one of the computer modern fonts in the font palette of an application (Pages '08 for instance) only one font appears (e.g. one occurence of "plain").
Can you help me on this one? this is annoying as a use LaTeX for my everyday work and Computer Modern are the default for LaTeX.

Powerbook G4 Alu 1.5 Ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.10)