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  • christopherjoe Level 3 (545 points)
    iMovie 6 did not take "hours". You could make it as simple as you want. To say that iMovie 7 is better because you can make a move faster in not a correct statement.
  • Ileen Cuccaro Level 2 (370 points)
    HI there, Schneb. My sentiments exactly as I have posted a zillion times. Same here, I bought a brand New IMac to run the new suite, because my G4 tower would not load IM8. So I get it, before installing watched discussions as I usually do. Figured I would install anyway.. , and watched discussions non stop.. removed IM8 and IP8. Put back IM6 from install dvd from my previous I Life, reinstalled IM8 again, just in case I am surprised by a super sonic update, that will give us back IM6 functions, with the good points of IM8 thrown in. Namely and not limited to my zillion plugins. I also worry about the same thing, I said the same thing about, how come no preamble to this release, I usually have it ordered in advance when I know it is coming, so it is at my door the day it is out. I knew nothing about it till all of a sudden the Apple site, Buy new I Life 8. I said what the heck.....I am always in discussions and on Apples site so I am on top of what is going on. But not a whisper this time. I also do not think it is a ploy of Apples to get us to upgrade to FCE or Pro. I already have FCE. oh oh, Something is happening to my I Mac screen. I better see what that is.
    I also feel there is a place for all users be them you tube, dvd etc.. Not to limit us because you tube is the flavor of the month. I like you tube, but want my movies in DVD format, if I want to upload to you tube, I could do that as well, if both apps were combined to be the best of both. And thats that...
  • DRPJQ Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you to everyone who replied, both positive and negative.
    I have stopped using iMovie '08, mainly because I can't get it to work at all !! Eveything I make is not saved, everytime I restart the program back to square one.

    Oh well...
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