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If I set the equalizer up for an individual song that is perhaps a little bass-lite, will the song carry that EQ setting over to the iPod?

So that the song will sound the way I want on both iTunes and iPod.


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    If you turn the iPod's equalizer setting from OFF to something else ("Flat" works) it will use the equalizer setting as you set it for the song in iTunes. If you kleave the EQ setting on the iPod set to OFF, then while the settings from iTunes are copied into the iPod, they won't be used. More can be found here...

    iPod: About the Equalizer

    Keep in mind that using the equalizer in the iPod does use up the battery faster...

    Tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPod's battery

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    Just an FYI:
    *if you kleave the EQ setting on the iPod set to OFF, then while the settings from iTunes are copied into the iPod, they won't be used.*
    This is correct.

    Note that In the iPod Users manual, it is wrong. It states, "If you assigned an equalizer preset to a song in iTunes and the iPod equalizer is set to Off, the song plays using the iTunes setting."
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    Useful and a little complicated from Apple!!

    If my iPod is set to Bass on the iPods EQ but a specific song has the ROCK EQ assigned to it, will the song be played on the iPod with the ROCK EQ setting?


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    If the iPod EQ is set to Off, it will not use the EQ.

    If the iPod EQ is set to Off and you have assigned a preset EQ to a song in iTunes, there will be no EQ used.

    If the iPod EQ is set to anything other than Off, the iPod will use the setting on the iPod, unless it has a preset EQ assigned to the song, then it will use that preset EQ.
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    Thanks for that.

    And thanks to Apple.

    Thats about as flexable as you can possibly get. Im impressed!

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    I'm finding that this doesn't work as I wished it did (iTunes 7.4.2 with Mini 6GB Hard Drive).

    I wanted to transfer a custom EQ to the iPod songs to suit my earphones. But, even though it does transfer to the songs themselves, the application of that EQ only works in iTunes, not in the iPod playback.

    From http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61567:

    1. iPod does not use custom equalizer settings made in iTunes.
    2. You can't create custom equalizer settings on iPod, or transfer custom settings to iPod.