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I have added my logo (a jpeg image) to my email signature. When I send an email to someone else who is using an Apple mail program it opens up fine. However, when I send an email to someone who is using, for example, a yahoo mail account, the logo does not show up on the actual email, it shows as an attachment that must be clicked on to open.

Does anyone know how to embed an actual logo/image onto an email signature so that it will be seen in an email regardless of what type of email program they are using without having to click on it? thanks

powermac, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    I have the same problem, have you been able to find an answer to this question yet?
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    Many email clients can be configured to display JPEG images in-line (i.e., as part of the email instead of an attachment). With Mail, it's the default behavior so your recipients see the logo as part of the signature. When people use a mail client that either cannot display in-line images or has a default behavior not to that was never changed, the logo will just be seen as an attachment. There is nothing you can do as the sender; it's a matter of what is used too read your email.

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    Daniel you are technically accurate, however if one was to take the same sig set up in Outlook and send to an Outlook or Thunderbird user it will display fine.

    Its when it is set up in Mail it does not work.

    I have the same issue with Mail 2.1.1
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    Damon Curtis wrote:
    Daniel you are technically accurate, however if one was to take the same sig set up in Outlook and send to an Outlook or Thunderbird user it will display fine.
    Its when it is set up in Mail it does not work.
    I have the same issue with Mail 2.1.1


    OK, let me get this straight because your description is a bit confusing:

    1. You set up a signature containing a JPEG in Mail and in Outlook.

    2. You send an email with this signature from these two email programs to some email address.

    3. If you use Outlook or Thunderbird to receive the two emails, the signature is displayed with the logo in-line in the email sent from Outlook and with the logo as an attachment to the email sent from Mail.

    Is that the behavior you observe?

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    Bonjour Daniel,

    For clarity.

    I drag and drop the image in the sig edit box in Mail.
    Send an email to an XP Outlook user and a Mac Thunderbird user, the image is delivered as an attachment.
    Send an email to another Mail user the sig appears inline.

    If I do the same in Entourage and send to the same users the image appears inline in the sig.
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    Bonsoir Damon,

    I just downloaded Mac version of Thunderbird, installed it, and configured it for one of my POP3 email accounts. I then created a signature with a graphic (dragged and dropped just like you said) in Mail and sent a short email message with that signature to the POP3 account I had set up in Thunderbird (and which I don't use with Mail). Incidentally, I use Mail version 2.1 (752/752.2)

    Result: the email came into Thunderbird with the JPEG graphic displayed in-line.

    I have no explanation as to why your behavior is different, but the fact that it works for me strongly suggests that we're not dealing with a Mail problem but a configuration issue, either on your side or on the side of your email recipients. If you wish, I'll gladly sent an email containing a signature with a graphic to any address you specify so that we can determine if my copy of Mail for some reason behaves differently from yours.


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    I am experiencing the same problem with my email signature. I have created a signature with my logo. In outlook this always appears to everyone in-line. Now I am using Mail. Created the logo signature just the same and placed it in mail by dragging and dropping. only people using Mail can see my signature inline. I have a pc in my office as well, and have tested all of the settings in outlook to try to rectify this problem without luck. would you mind helping me with this as well? Maybe I can send you a test email?

    Also, I just tried forwarding an email to someone who needed to read the previous content of an email converstation. When I send the email out, I see the entire conversation in line....but the receiver (on a pc and outlook) is not getting the entire email string. Humph. what is that all about? do you know?

    thank you - Jessie
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    I have the same problem - please let me know if you get a solution.


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    I would love to help you (and anyone else in your situation), but it seems I can't duplicate your problem. I read your post before going to work this morning, and I sent myself an email (from Mail at home to Lotus Notes at work) with a signature containing a JPEG. Notes, arguable the worst email client out there, showed the JPEG in-line.

    I don't have Outlook or Outlook Express, so I cannot test those, but I'd be happy to receive an email from you so I can see what comes across. You need to send it to my work email because that's the only place I have an email client other than Mail running. The address is dkiechle followed by an @-sign followed by amadeus.com.

    We can do the opposite as well: I can try to send a test email to one of the addresses that you used to see if my signature shows up with the graphics element in-line. Would be pretty instructive, I think. I can do this if you provide an address; however, I can only do it in a few hours from home as I don't have Mail here at the office.

    One interesting thing to check: in Mail, there's an option to "Always send Windows-friendly attachments". Can you check if it is enabled or disabled in your configuration of Mail?

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    I have been able to solve this problem on my machine.

    Instead of dragging and dropping the image file in I opened it in Photoshop, Select All, Copy, switch back to Mail and Paste it into the signature editor.

    This no produces an inline graphic, with it also listed on the email as a PasteTiff.tif file.
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    This is interesting, again because the behavior varies from machine to machine. On your Mac, do you have the "Always Send Windows Friendly Attachments" option (Edit --> Attachments) enabled? If not, could you enable it and try one more time with a JPEG file (I don't care about whether it is dragged and dropped or copy and pasted).

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    I just found a great solution to this problem! (And in attempting to post realized that I no longer knew my login here and had to re-create...ugh!)

    Anyhow - I just came across an awesome Plug-In for Mail that allows you to implement images/links and more directly into your signature. I've tested it over the course of the last few hours with various email accounts and the image has shown automatically with yahoo, gmail, hotmail, in entourage, thunderbird, mail and more. Check it out - free and I'd highly recommend it!

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    I wasn't able to add my logo...
    Mind sharing the "how to"?