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Theophilus Level 1 (20 points)
How can one insert a non-breaking hyphen into a Pages document?

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  • Peggy Level 8 (38,635 points)
    Have you tried Option + - ? I know that creates an en-dash, but it is non-breaking.

  • Kurt Weber Level 6 (13,960 points)
    Peggy- isn't the en-dash shiftoption - ?

    Your suggestion creates the non breaking hyphen. You can also do option+space to keep two words on the same line.

  • Walt K Level 4 (2,905 points)
    Kurt, shiftoption - is the em dash. Option + - is the en dash.

  • Theophilus Level 1 (20 points)
    I know how to insert an en-dash and em-dash, it's the non-breaking hyphen that I wanting to know how to insert.
  • Walt K Level 4 (2,905 points)
    I can't find a way to type a non-breaking hyphen. There is no mention of one in Help and I can't find a key combination that produces one. You may have to do as Peggy suggests and use an en dash.

  • Bekins Level 3 (725 points)
    You can insert a non-breaking hyphen from the Character Palette. It's in General Punctuation, with a unicode value of 2011.

    There's no keyboard equivalent for it, but you could set up an auto-correct entry that inserts it. E.g., auto correct "+-" with "‑". Because of how auto-correct works, you have to type a space in order for it to kick in, then delete the space. Thus you'd type +-<space><delete>. Kind of ugly, but still probably easier than bringing up the character palette each time.

    Alternatively, if you keep the character palette up a lot of the time, you can add the non-breaking hyphen to the Favorites section to more quickly find it each time.
  • Theophilus Level 1 (20 points)
    That worked for me! Thanks.