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Chris Rust Level 1 Level 1
Wondering why I can't send photos from my iphone to someone else's phone via sms text. every other phone i've had with a camera could do that. am i doing something wrong?

Powerbook G4
  • 777iPod Level 2 Level 2
    No, you're not doing anything wrong most smart phones I've come a crossed don't have mms, they have email. I think you could do some searching on google and find how to email a pic to a phone, they will receive it as a mms.
  • joenkim Level 1 Level 1
    Ya, this is a problem. I used this feature allot on my old phone.
  • igrok-mac Level 3 Level 3
    All you have to do is search on this board for MMS and you'll find heaps of info on how to do it. In short, you email the photo to the recipient's 10digitnumber@mms.att.net for an at&t user, replacing the mms.att.net with whatever the person's provider's email is. The threads you'll find will tell you what the correct email address is for the other providers.

    Your friends can send you MMS direct to your email address if they have an email capable phone, or send it to 121 (for at&t subscribers) with the first line being your email address. I don't know the number for other providers.
  • Bazkirsh Level 1 Level 1
    All ~ This is a major missing feature for the iPhone. I have had 2 generations of Treo's, a RAZR and know many people with Motorola and RIM devices (new models) who are all capable of sending and receiving messages via SMS (or MMS - multi media messages).

    This solution of emailing a photo doesnt work for people who dont support email on the phone. I have tested it with many phones. Apple needs to add MMS support to the phone. As soon as I figure out how to enter and enhancement request, I will, although Im certain others have already done it.

    This is a big missing for this phone.
  • Cander Level 3 Level 3
    Those other phones need to support full email and that is a MUCH bigger missing feature of other phones.
  • findlan Level 1 Level 1
    i agree, needs MMS, fact of the matter is most people don't have email, i want a button that off the pic that says send MMS to.....
  • igrok-mac Level 3 Level 3
    Baz wrote: "This solution of emailing a photo doesnt work for people who dont support email on the phone. I have tested it with many phones."

    But it does work: I just sent an MMS to "121" from a phone without email. The first line of the MMS was my email address. The second line was some text, and then a photo. I sent it. I received it on my iphone a minute later when I checked my email, and it came through complete with text and photo. This was from another AT&T subscriber, but I believe all the others also have the capability to MMS to an email address. These are some of the carriers and the methods for them, but I'm not positive about any but cingular's:

    cingular/at&t: address to 121
    tmobile: address to 500
    verizon: address to actual email address
    sprint: address to actual email address
  • SDKT Level 1 Level 1
    You can also send these messages to the cellular phone. Here are the email addresses for the 6 most popular cellular phone carriers:

    T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.net
    Virgin Mobile: phonenumber@vmobl.com
    Cingular: phonenumber@cingularme.com
    Sprint: phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Verizon: phonenumber@vtext.com or phonenumber@vzwpix.com
    Nextel: phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
  • rdunnell Level 1 Level 1
    This doesn't sound very user friendly. I want a phone that's easy to use and doesn't require a ton of work arounds. Everybody else's phone can send and receive pictures just by knowing the other person's phone number.

    They don't have to know how to send it via email.

    They don't have to know what carrier the other person is using, or whether they switched carriers or not.

    They don't have to go to a stupid website to receive a picture that someone sent them - a website that doesn't even work on iPhone, so they have to wait till they get home!

    They don't have to tell their friends that because they have a cool new phone, they have to be treated specially so they can have fun too.

    It makes iPhone users sound like a bunch of dorks with a phone which can't get pictures like everybody else can. I've been playing with mine for 4 days and it's a really great phone but I've already noticed that my crappy old Blackjack beats the pants off of it for sending pictures around without having to know who someone's cellular company is or what their email address is or whether their phone can send or receive email.