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One last attempt before it goes in the bin.....

How do I setup and use the airport express as a wireless extender ?

I have a netgear dg384g wireless router, connected via a wire to a imac.

The router has a wireless sid on it called "ebony".

Upstairs I have a mac mini ( intel 1.6GHz ), which I would like to connect to the wireless router network.

Unfortunateley the mac mini seems to have a wireless range of about 10cm !! Everything else ( an Apple tv, imac, pc laptop, wii, gameboys ) works with the wireless network from upstairs apart from the mac mini.

What I want to do is place the airport express upstairs and connect the mac mini to it, either wirelessley or wired.

I have run through the airport express setup using the imac and the mini using all combinations of options with no success.

The install and instructions seems very orientated to assuming that you have an airport extreme.

Does anyone know how to setup the express as a wireless extender (WDS) on a netgear wireless router ?


iMac 20 inch, mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.10)