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I noticed a weird problem today...I taken very good care of my iphone, but all of a sudden today it's been locking up almost every time I use it. I tried several soft resets, but it keeps getting locked up. Any ideas on what I should do to resolve this issue? I haven't dropped my phone or modified it in any way. Thanks.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    How much free memory do you have? If your memory is close to full, try freeing up some of the memory (about 10% of the total), turn the phone off, then back on.

    If this doesn't make a difference and a reset has not solved the issue, I would recommend doing a restore.
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    The same thing was happening to me constantly, I called applecare a couple days ago and they advised me to do a restore in itunes, but to sync it as a new iphone not from the back up sync. Most all of my contacts were saved in my windows contact file so I didnt lose all my contacts like I was afraid I would. Have have a freeze free phone for the past 2 days........ hope this helps you
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    I deleted a movie off the phone after noticing I was about a few hundred megs left. It seemed to help, but I will keep an eye on it and may do a restore. I recently moved my itunes folder from a windows machine to my new macbook, and wondering if that could have caused it? However, I did this transfer over a week ago, and no problems until this afternoon. Will I need to delete my entire itunes library before doing a restore to make sure it is clean?
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    I didnt, I waited a day to see how phone was going to act before putting any music back on it. Seemed to be doing fine so added all my music back this morning and it still seems to be doing fine. no freezing issues as of yet. oops forgot to add, I didnt delete my music library.

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    Moving your iTunes media files from one computer to another should have nothing to do with this.

    If you do a restore, all your media files are automatically deleted from the iPhone and will have to be re-synced.
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    I am doing a restore right now... but I have to download the update first which is 92 megs. I can't even slide it to unlock without it locking up every time. I will restore and reload everything from my library. I hope it works. If it doesn't, what other option do I have?
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    Restoring is very likely to take care of the problem.

    If not, you should visit your local Apple store or call 1-800-MY-iPHONE so that they can do some advanced troubleshooting with you. You will already have tried all the basic fixes, so that will speed things along.
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    I think I figured out the problem by reading another post when I searched by "locked up." Another user experienced the same problem when they turn on their Wi-fi. I just realized that I did that today and I wasn't able to connect to my network... for some reason, I changed from WEP wireless on my router to WPA so that my Macbook would get on the network. I can't seem to get my iPhone to ask for the WPA password and it would not connect all day. I just turned off my Wifi and everything is working smooth again! It seems to be fixed, which makes me wonder what should I do if I want to connect to my wifi router? Also, I hit pause on the download when restoring, and the download vanished. Will iTunes still try to download the file and do a restore? If so, is there a way to cancel the restore request now that it seems to be fixed?
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    That's probably it...it was busy trying to connect unsuccessfully to a trusted network.

    On the WiFi settings screen, click the arrow to the right of your network name. Then click "Forget this Network". Turn WiFi off then on again. When you click on the network name, it will ask you for the new password.

    As for canceling the restore, I think you managed that by canceling the download.
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    I am experiencing the "locking up" or "freezing" not also. I could have some memory problems but the phone is stuck in the "spinning circle" mode and will not respond to soft boot, or itunes. How do you do a restore if itunes will not find it on the dock? Any other hard reboot sequence??