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I am a very avid iMovie user and now this new version has me so confused. I have the basics down, but I can't figure out how to select all clips and dump them into the "timeline" area. I can select them one at a time and place them in the assembly area but that takes forever on a one hour soccer game. Anyone figure out how to select multiple clips or all clips at once?

Thanks ahead of time.

iMac 2GHz Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Not sure if anyone else has discovered ho to do this, but before giving up on iMovie 08 for anything but some YouTube clips (to say I see what it is really for) I spoke with people at Apple Store, posted on boards and on and on, but it seems that none of the standard Mac select options work - drag, Apple-Click, Shift-Click etc!!!!

    Not only breaks iMovie, but from what I see, standard Apple UI guidelines!
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    I am also an avid iMovie user (since 3) and I am EXTREMELY disappointed in iMovie '08. It seems like we have even less control now as it is so generalized. I too cannot figure out how to get all of the clips into the viewer without going one by one. I film for a football team and want to drag the entire game into the viewer, and it won't. I have to drag individually. With over an hour worth of footage it is VERY tedious to do this. Further (and even more frustrating) you don't have control over the audio either as iMovie HD did. I am trying to block out a few swear words from the fans and '08 won't allow me to pick a few seconds to silence --it picks the entire clip! I am hoping it is my ignorance that is at fault as I can't see Apple regressing so far backwards in iMovie. Anyone else having the same problems or have a solution?
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    I am new to Macs and all the software and just bought iLife 08 yesterday. Maybe I don't understand the question but here is what I did yesterday after struggling a little.

    highlight your first clip (and you get that yellow boundary). if the clips are consecutive then just click on the right edge of the yellow boundary (assuming it is yellow for everyone) and just start dragging it downward and it will expand the boundary of what it is selecting.
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    Weird seeing this question today after I dealt with this yesterday. I did a movie yesterday that was multiple clips. I was able to select all clips at once and drag the entire thing up to the top window. I just tried to do the same thing again after reading this question and for the life of me, it will no longer allow me to click and drag to select them all. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that all 10 or so clips I was able to highlight before, were all parts of the same clip when filmed (they were split into individual segments when imported). When I try to combine two clips that are not filmed sequentially, it will no longer allow it. The help menu says nothing about this. All it says is you need to click on the first clip and hold the mouse down and drag it to the end and it will select all. That is not working.
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    Yes. It only allows the parts of the same clip to be highlighted and dragged to the viewer. After hours of frustration and disappointment, I finally went back to iMovie 6 -- now I am having problems with iDVD'08 as it keeps quitting on me and won't play my menu audio track --guess I have to go to that forum too. I am always giving kudos to APPLE whenever I can and after this '08 upgrade, I am very upset and incredibly disappointed -- I hope APPLE reads these posts and works out the bugs in the '08 DOWNGRADE!
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    it's the same for me... I can select only one each time!! I really hope that someone fix it! Regards
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    I do not who is the "Genius" at Apple who decided that selecting multiple clips was not useful (it is not even in the Help section or the instructions). Probably someone whose life is perfectly linear and in a single 4 hours clip.... I have been with Apple since the IIe and I have have encountered multiple frustrations (not enough to move to the dark side....). Right now iMovie 08 is the worst I have seen, well may be not: I am still waiting after a year for Apple to decide to include BluRay record for movies so that my marvelous HDV camcorder can be used without having to buy a Sony Vaio. From this thread it is evident that someone goofed and I worry that many first-time users will be completely disgusted (and I would agree with them).
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    Hopefully the inability to select multiple clips will be fixed asap. This makes iMovie 08 a non starter for me. I imported a one hour dv tape today with 99 clips. To make a simple movie I have to hit option-click 99 times and drag. Sorry, a major step backwards.
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    iMovie 08 is a different paradigm from the previous iMovie. You can highlight a clip in the event window, select exactly what you need there. Then drag it up to the project window. There is no need to be doing a lot of editing in the project window, except for fine tuning.

    If you want all your clips together, you already have it in the event window. You can play them all, mouse through the thumbnails, etc. The "select all" is really unneeded once you grasp the new paradigm.

    I agree that it is very different, but once you get the hang of it, it is much, much faster.
    I video-ed a football game and was able to publish a movie of it the next day. The editing piece took less than an hour. Most of the time was spent publishing to itunes and webgallery.

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    I agree. This is ridiculous and a reason for me to convert to any other program, even Windows!
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    did you ever figure out how to do this? I'm very frustrated.
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    For me too very frustrated, anytime a company takes away isn't good, suppose to add new features, not take away features. To me that is the purpose buying new software. Good luck everybody.