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I want to be able to shuffle files back and forth between home and my office. Previously I have been able to do this between mac and PC (across the globe to other ftp sites too) .

This was done by using Bulletproof FTP as the "host" software for incoming requests and a variety of MAc clients for my outgoing requests without problem.
It did take alittle bit of fiddling to make it work but I succceeded.
With the iMacs, things are proving to be more difficult.
I was under the impression that using the same kind of technique , a mac would "see" a mac. but not so!.

First step.
Do I NEED some other "host" software like Bulletproof FTP ( for mac) plus a couple of clients. (I have these FTPeel and Fetch )
Second step .If so What HOST software is recommended ?

eMac Combo
  • Camelot Level 8 (46,650 points)
    Second step .If so What HOST software is recommended ?

    Other than the obvious issues with using FTP, what's wrong with using the FTP server built-into your Mac?

    System Preferences -> Sharing -> FTP file sharing
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    My recommendation would be to:
    1. Enable Remote Login and FTP Access in System Prefs>Sharing
    2. Make sure that your IP address internally and externally for the home/host iMac is static
    3. Be sure that the SSH (SSH is secure FTP) and FTP ports are open on your router. (It wouldn't hurt to enabled remote admin on the router just in case)
    4. That your home or host iMac won't go to sleep, or will power up and shut down at specified times per your energy saver prefs.
    5. That your client computer has an FTP/SSH program installed (Cyberduck is my personal favorite). And that you have your host iMac's static IP address written down somewhere for use with the FTP program.

    This way you can simply open your FTP program on the computer you have with you and gain secure access to your files at any time. The only thing that could disrupt this would be a power failure, which could be overcome by the following day's scheduled power up.
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    Second step .If so What HOST software is recommended ?

    Other than the obvious issues with using FTP, what's wrong with using the FTP server built-into your Mac?

    System Preferences -> Sharing -> FTP file sharing

    Ive tried everything except standing on my head whistling Yankee doodle dandy. Cant get the darned thing to work . Hence my step 2 qu. (dont know what happened to step 1 in the original post.)

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    Ok!based on the last answer it seems the issue may be with the routers not the iMacs.
    As far as I can tell I have port forwarding set up ok ( certainly based on my previous experience ).

    I have a Netgear RP614v3 ( wired ) at home and the dual wired/wireless WGR614v6 or 7 at the office using the wired side
    Ive updated the firmware for both. Just tried to ping the other end and cant find either computer. That would seem indicative of a router/ firewall issue
    Any Ideas?

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    I have one way ftp capability from the office with a DSL connection using a Netgear GWRP614v7 thru a siemens 4200 dsl modem. I was talked thru the process by the ISP for the Modem and By the router people for their part.

    I still cannot conect via ftp from home to the office using Netgear RP614v3 Router and Motorola 4200 surfboard modem. As far as I can see the set up is fine. I am using fetch at both ends as the cleint and Mac ftp as the 'host".

    Im stumped
  • John Westwood1 Level 2 (255 points)
    some progress. I tested my Home set up with anonymous ftp sites. I can locate them and d/l from them .

    Now why cant I find my other mac and upload to it? it doesnt register a ping nor a show up on traceroute.

    Im assuming I would get a success type msg or connection made or something but I get nothing.
    Fire wall is off at the other end
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    I'm not sure this is your problem, nor am I certain it still is a problem, but in the past, the Motorola 4200 surfboard modem has thrown Macs for a coniption fit, not just the slownesss mentioned in this first artiicle about it, but every concievvable problem you can think of!

    Problem Modems...

    All Linksys Cable Modems
    All Motorola Cable Modems except for the SB5120
    All Scientific Atlanta Cable Modems

  • John Westwood1 Level 2 (255 points)
    I can now fetch and send files from the office iMac to the home iMac . The office imac has a netgear WGRP614v7 and its wired not wireless.

    The home iMac can receive from office iMac and can access Anon Ftp sites. I havent found anywhere yet to try sending a file via ftp from the home iMac.
    Previously the Motorola 4200 and Netgear RP614v3 worked fine both sending and receiving. This is a replacement Router ,exactly the same model.
    It seems to me that the issue is at the home end but I dont understand why. Once I get the login again for a site I used to use I may be able to use elimination to sort things out. In the meantime thanks for the help and any other info is welcomed

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    You may have already checked this but I thought it would be worth double checking.

    I don't know how your home router is set up but unless there is some sort of mac address assignment to a specific internal port, the home iMac will be assigned a different/random internal address every time it wakes from sleep or restarts, is unplugged or whenever the router is rebooted. This is an issue because you must forward port 22 or 21 to the address your computer is using. I often forget this when FTP-ing with my Dad, so what I do is remotely login to his router's admin, then I look under "attached devices" to see what is assigned what address on the router. If his port has moved, I go under port forwarding and move port 22 and 21 to his new internal address. The I can successfully FTP.

    Again, this is only if you haven't taken the time to assign static internal address to your home iMac.
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    Ahhhh! Very good point jsunem !
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    OK Problem solved!!

    At the DSL end
    1 tech support with ISP reset modem to Disable NAT/NATP. If I understood correctly the modem is now just a plug in the wall interface and controls nothing.
    They assigned me a static IP ( altho I never needed it withte cable modem at home)

    2 tech support with netgear I cant remember what we did now But it didnt work.

    3 to night after trolling though the modem and Router innards I discovered that the internal IP address had changed from to
    AHA that must be it

    Also "allowed remote access" from my home Mac.

    Got home . Got into the modem via remote access.. Still couldnt FTP

    Thinks !!! Hang on Ive disabled the modem from any control maybe I am driect into the router. Use iMac ID and password instead of ISP ID and passwoI had tried that before and Im in..

    Who knows .. It might have worked before if the internal IP addy was correct. Maybe the other changes had something to do with it.
    If I feel like wasting an hour or two Ill go back to point zero and start all over

    Thanks for looking in and offering suggestions guys..