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tennisknight Level 1 Level 1
I'm using the most current versions of Firefox and Quicktime, but when I go to a particular website that has quicktime videos, it always says that I'm missing the quicktime plug-in and it says that it must be manually installed. But when I go to this website in Internet Explorer, it works fine. What gives?

Dell Dimension B110, Windows XP
  • JMurphy77 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. The exact message is "The Quicktime Plug-in requires Quicktime system extension version 5 or later." I've tried uninstalling Quicktime and iTunes, and re-installing only Quicktime. I've also deleted all temporary files, run a disk clean-up, and defragmented my computer. After re-installing Quicktime, it worked for about 5 minutes, then after I got off-line and later got back on-line, I began receiving the same message. I've tried everything the support section suggests, but I can't even find a section labeled "Quicktime system extension." It's really very frustrating
  • Jacumba Level 4 Level 4
    QT Settings>Browser>Mime settings+Miscellaneous-Miscellaneous file formats. Uncheck the preference for "Flash media" then click OK Apply OK. You want to do this without a Browser running.
  • tennisknight Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry Jacumba, I had tried that already and still no luck, Thanks any way.
  • tennisknight Level 1 Level 1
    Someone on Firefox's forum gave me the answer I was looking for and here it is for everyone's viewing pleasure!

    "Sometimes, the problem is not the quicktime, but the ActiveX wrapper that is used to play the quicktime.
    Some of these badly written websites can be fixed with an extension like MediaWrap.
  • 4nonik Level 1 Level 1
    tried both suggestions and still get that box "requires quicktime sys extension version 5 or later"