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Hi There, first off I am one of the many upset people who finds their relatively new Ipod Video not playing audio any longer through either the headphone jack or the bottom dock connector. If this is you.. try this out:

** Pinch the bottom right corner of your Ipod and see if the audio comes back. **

I saw this tip on another forum and it worked like a charm. This obviously shows me this is a manufacturing defect and nothing else.

This problem can be described by the following:

1) Ipod 5th Generation, age of about 6-15 months.
2) Usually starts with heavy static in audio, increasing to nothing but static, fading into silence.
3) It's not the headphones, and it's not the bottom connector.
4) The 5 R's doesn't fix the problem.
5) Starts very suddenly.
6) Seems to be heat related as each morning after cooling off, the Ipod will play audio for about 5 minutes, then start the process all over.
7) Pinching the bottom right corner seems to temporarily fix the problem by fixing the broken solder/connection.

OK, my Ipod just left for server (another $30, thanks) and I have read others say that the service people claim nothing is wrong (usually because it takes 5 minutes or so for the problem to surface) and their Ipod is returned to them.

I just want Apple to be aware of this problem and offer to fix it, it's not fair to have a product break "under warranty" and still be faced with paying $30 (minimum) to fix it.

Please add to this if you have the same issue.

Ipod Video 60GB, Windows XP
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