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    I am still enjoying my free replacement, and I have gotten to help others with the same problem. Apple support is awesome! Again, the trick is to be persistent!
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    18 minute call, put me through to Conrad, "senior adviser," box is being sent here, 4-5 weeks to receive the replacement, thanks all (no thanks status quo guy), thanks apple, for being just: though, this is only your duty here, so, thanks with a heavy done of "anything less would have been shameful, good for you for upholding your end."
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    Hi everybody,

    I wanted to share my experience I just had with Apple support.

    After having this exact same problem with my 5th Generation 80 GB Ipod Video (having no sound but when I squeeze the bottom right hand corner of the Ipod, sound plays until I release the pressure) which is over 1000+ days out of warranty, I called Apple support to inquire and see what they could do for me. I spoke to Jeff and Barb and told each one of them that it was a "Known Manufacturing Defect" and that many people are experiencing the exact same problems. After being forwarded to a Senior Advisor, Kyle, I was unfortunately told that they cannot do anything for me. I was told that this service for 5th Generation Videos was only ongoing for the past 6 months and that only last week did they stop offering this service. He told me that the engineers at Apple were seeing this model of the Ipod becoming "vintage" therefore they were discontinuing their service. I was then kindly told that I could pay a SMALL FEE of $179 American plus shipping so that I could have my Ipod repaired.

    Honestly, this is extremely unfair. I've been using this Ipod for over 5 years, registered it the day I got it, gave Apple my contact information and I now I find out I'm one week late??!?! For the past month I was wondering what to do with this problem until just recently I found this forum and realized that others are experiencing this same problem. At no point in time did Apple even let me know in some way that they will discontinue this service.

    I am now left Ipod-less with no alternative but to pay the repair fee, which is more expensive than buying a brand new Ipod.

    Please voice your thoughts on this, hopefully Apple will reconsider.
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    I had an appointment at the Cambridge UK Genius Bar yesterday. I explained the sound problem with my 5th gen ipod, that it appears on the Apple discussion page and that it was a known issue. It's obviously not a known issue in Cambridge! He took me to a computer and asked me find it on the Apple website. I typed in "Ipod classic no sound" and no matches could be found. This made me look like more of an idiot than I actually am. He said it wasn't a known issue and nothing could be done.
    Well done to those that got a replacement-It's a shame apple aren't consistant in their approach. Anyone trying to get a replacement in the future.... I recommend they take a printed copy of these pages to prove they weren't dreaming.
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    Greetings ipoders

    I talked to the same Kyle guy who gave me the whole "Vintage" bit just like you theo.stanoev. I've been sitting on my dead-pod 5th Gen for about 6 months trying to save enough money to buy another one. I finally decided to see if others were having the same problem and turns out I've found multiple forums which express the same issue. When I first called the support line the woman didn't hesitate to say "Press on the lower right hand corner, does it play now?" Obviously Apple knows whats going on but are making it difficult for those of us who are finding out a week too late I guess for it to be covered. If you sell a product you should stand behind it, like the auto industry does with a recall. Come on Apple you Multi-Billion Dollar company and stand behind what you sell. You know it's clearly a manufacturing defect, help us out. Lets see how much you value customer satisfaction.
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    I had only registered to vent my frustration at Apple. I also have this problem with the sound issue. Seems Apple had realized they had made a mistake with their logic boards on this model and decided to make good to their loyal customers by fixing /replacing the defective ipods. Well the response must have been so great that Apple decided to renege on their promise to us customers and discontinued the extended warranty. Now those of us who came upon this discussion board late are left with a defective ipod Apple will not recognize any longer. Let me say SHAME ON YOU Apple for not standing behind your product, I for one will not buy another Apple product. I realize my boycott is no big deal to a multi Billion Dollar Company but if enough of us show our disappointment maybe we Can make a difference and have Apple change their stance on this....
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    I too am extremely frustrated with Apple support. I have been a loyal customer owning several products including a few Ipods. My 5th generation 30gb Ipod video was my favorite because it was large enough to fit all my music and I just kept it in the car. It was in excellent condition until recently the sound stopped working. Usually I ust chuck it up as loss and purhcase a new one but because this one was in such great condition I decided to research online. I came across several forums that discussed the issues with these models and called apple only to be told that i would have to dish out $130 to replace this unit because it is considered "Vintage" and due to the age of the unit and normal wear and tear it is bound to die sooner or later! Outrageous everything works just fine except the sound! My unit has NEVER been dropped or abused in any way and they should stand by thier products and fix defective merchandise. I am dissapointed and refuse to waist my money on another product of theirs that will soon die and they will refuse to fix. THis is the 3rd Ipod that has died including 2 of the most recent Nanos!
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    What really irritates me is that you spend $250/$300 on a product that only last 3 years and then they call it vintage. Apple should be ashamed of themselves. They sell you a product at top dollar but will only give you a 1 year warranty (2years if you pay more). So what they are telling their customers is our products are really not reliable therefore I will only give you a 1 year warranty. Consumers affairs should look into this product and have Apple make good to their loyal customers. Let's see $300 for less then 3 years is around $10 a month for their garbage no wonder it's a multiple billion dollar company..............
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    I've experienced the same issue with my 5th Gen 60gb video IPod. I spoke with Quincy (Sr. Product support) and he told me the same thing about it being an obsolete product. I don't understand how a company that has such devoted customers, me for one. My basement is a Mac shrine from the Mac Classic, Mac color classic, 7600powerpc, G4, 20gb clickwheel ipod, 15gb 3rd gen ipod, original airport base station to my current Macpro my wifes iMac intel 24", iPad, and our two 5th Gen iPod video. I wish they would be as loyal to me as I have been to them for the past 22 years.
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    Well stiffed by Apple! Cheers for that 'quality/reliable' product I bought. Thought it was going to be a sound investment but I have had abused, CHEAP mp3 players that have lasted and are still lasting longer!

    Researched this fault and found many websites with people still getting this fault resolved only 6 DAYS ago! Never knew anything about this web forum till my senior repair advisor told me about it!

    Been loyal to apple for many a year and when I get a problem that in their words is a 'Manufacturing Fault' they fail to fix it, yet have fixed it for many others.

    Not too sure I fancy purchasing an iPod to replace this one as it will cost alot and even more when it breaks in a year or so.
    May have to give to the lads in work for a manual repair.
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    Bummer...Just spent 15 minutes on phone with Apple and got shutdown. Did get to a Senior Advisor who was nice, but not budging. Within "last month or so" they stopped repairing this issue. He said that they were repairing "a few" to see if it was a factory defect, but they determined there were multiple possible causes (leaving iPod in car, etc.). So, no more repairs. But, on the bright side, I can get 10% off new iPod if I bring into an Apple store!! (eye roll). Or, I can use my 30 GB iPod as an external hard drive...

    Merry Christmas!
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    I have 8 Apple products and I don't think I will be giving them my business anymore. After heavy research on this "static" with the 5th Gen iPod and spending over 30 minutes on the phone with Customer Relations, first I was told it was normal wear and tear and when I pressed the issue was then told, oh yes it's a known defect. So Apple sent me sent me a coupon for $60 off a purchase of $200.

    Not only is this asinine as the product cost $199, but the coupon has a 2 month expiration date on it! Why am I being penalized for an obvious Apple issue? Now maybe if they offered free 4 year Apple protection OR a coupon for at least half off my unexpected purchase, that's one thing. But as it stands I'd have to purchase something else to get to the $200 mark to take advantage of this coupon...within 2 months.

    Thanks but no thanks.
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    Long time reader, first time poster! My ipod took a dump on me about six months ago and I procrastinated doing anything about it until a few weeks ago. I called apple service # and got the same story that many of you have gotten since November… Your ipod is “vintage” and yes even though we have replaced a few (thousand) under special circumstances we are not replacing yours! Well I decided to stroll into an Apple store and see if a face to face might get better results. I am here to say that it did indeed! Expecting to get the same story of out of warranty vintage bla bla bla… I just told the guy at the genius bar that my ipod was not working, just to see what they said first. He took it back in the back and couple of minutes later he came back with “ bad news and really awesome news”. Your ipod is broken and we are going to replace it for free. He even mentioned holding down the corner to get it to work. A few key strokes on his little screen and he produced a brand new (not refurbished) 120gb ipod and took my beat up old 80g 5th gen. I wanted to ask him more questions about if Apple was indeed officially acknowledging this as a problem. But I wanted to get out of there before his manager caught wind of it and took it back or something! So it worked for me to just go into the store. This was in Leawood, KS on Jan. 26 2011 btw.
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    I don't mean to bump this thread, but I wanted to share my experience in dealing with this so that maybe it will help others.

    I have a 5th gen 60gb ipod that I purchased in late 2006. A couple of months ago, it started experiencing the audio drop out, and then very quickly would not produce any audio. I didn't do anything with it until last week when I started looking up solutions and found out about the right hand corner pinch, which worked on mine.

    I found a forum post on another site that was posted last Sept. and gave detailed instructions on what to say when you call in to try and get it replaced. I had some free time today so I made my call. I explained the problem to the first tech. The only solution he offered was to pay $129 and have it repaired. He then said that he would place me on hold and talk to a supervisor. 5 minutes later he came back and had a "senior supervisor" on the line who took over the call (he sounded like he was about 16). I explained to him that I believe it to be a manufacturers defect. He explained that they did replace some before so that their engineers could figure out what the problem was, and that they are no longer offering replacements since the engineers determined it not to be a defect, and that I would have to pay the $129. He wouldn't budge or offer any other solution.

    Immediately after hanging up, I found this thread and read through it. Going from what the post before me said, I made an appointment with the closest Genious Bar today. I took the ipod down there and showed it to the person there. He looked it over, pulled up the data from it and told me it was well out of warranty, and that I oculnd pay the $129. He then said he would take it into the back and see if he could get it to work.

    About 10 minutes later, he came out and said "You're in luck. I found a bulletin about this and it is a known problem". (I'm not sure if he was referring to Apple Document TS2494 which I read about on another site). He said that they would be happy to replace it free of cost, but that they did not currently have any in stock, and they would have one within 3-5 business days. He gave me some paper work and said that they would call when it arrives. According to the paper work, I will be getting a 120gb version. I left a happy camper.

    So my advice to people still having this problem with no solution, I would abandon trying to call support as it is probably too easy for them to say no over the phone. I would suggest going down to the store and meet with them face to face.

    Good luck to all!
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    Same here! I gave this unit to my daughter for her high school graduation present in mid 2007. At 11 months, I purchased the Apple Care product. About 18 months into the age of the device...pow...dead meat! Sent in in under Apple Care. Handled very professionally. Unit worked flawlessly, until about June 2010. Now, I have the exact same problem. I have yet to call Apple Support, however, will attempt to Monday. My wife did take it in to the Apple Store today just to see what they would do (she did not show the employee's the corner trick). The answer? This is old, how 'bout we upgrade you for $150.00 dollars? Well considering that saves me about 70-80 bucks that's not too bad, except this has been a manufacturing issue all along. So, Monday it's Apple Tech Support. Tuesday the Apple Store.....their decision will be the basis of all future purchases from Apple. Let's evaluate the track record so far:

    Apple iMac Graphite special edition: Died
    Apple iMac Snow edition: Died
    Apple iMac Blue: Died
    Apple iPod Video 5th Gen: Classic audio issue without clamping....essentially dead.
    Apple iPhone 3gs: hanging in there (new)
    Apple iPhone (#2) 3gs: Hanging in there (new)
    Apple iTouch: Hanging in there.
    Apple iPod Classic (1): So far so good (too early to tell).
    Apple iPod Classic (2): Too early to tell.
    Apple iPod Nano: Hanging in there.

    Too much money spent on crap that fails too often. Hopefully Apple will at least talk this through with me. Let's see..They have been very professional and cooperative in the past. But that was warranty issues!