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    I think this issue is likely tied to early assembly problems that

    occurred throughout the industry when the world had to convert to lead free solder.


    The new solder requires a hotter temp to reflow, and the old FR4 circuit  boards

    could not withstand the new process without degradation.


    Definitely an assembly defect

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    Just had this same problem occur to me..

    What steps do we think i should take as a resolute now?


    Especially if it seems to be a manufactering problem..

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    I am a member of this "iPod vid failure" club. I got my iPod as a 16th bday gift (saved all my bday money to buy it as my 1 gift). 1st year of college, about 2 years after purchase, and the sound no longer worked. It has been 2 years since it stopped working, and I just haven't bothered with it. I wish I stumbled upon this forum sooner. Can someone offer any solutions on what I can do? Key factors: college kid, no money for new iPod. I have only used about 4 or so GB out of the 30.And in all sincerity, I just miss the 1 I already have, and I rather have this than replace. help. help. help. please.

    (p.s. freezing/cooling technique hasn't worked for me so far)

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    Having been following the recent replies in this thread, and having had my 5+ year old ipod replaced for free back in October (see my post from October '11), I have come to the following conclusion (though things might have changed or there may be individual differences)...


    I'm guessing that if you are an Apple customer with some history with Apple (for example, you own a mac laptop AND they have a record of interaction with you) then if you can speak with a custom relations specialist, there is a good chance they will replace your ipod for free.  If on the other hand, Apple doesn't know you from Adam, it seems they are very likely to stiff you.  Never hurts to try though.  Good luck.



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    I got mine, 4 years ago?  Worked for about 18 months, battery life went down to 10 mintues, new battery, no better.  Almost never touched after that, then I rigged to constantly charge in my car, used a bit, then this sound issue and it's garbage.  It was probably in normal use for 6 months total.  Collecting dust for YEARS between attempts to make it usable again. I will probably try to reflow the solder since there's nothing to lose.  Great device in concept and design, obvious manufacturing flaw.  I expect a device like this to give good service for a couple years assuming it is well treated.  So, mine is a complete failure.  Way too expensive to be disposable at less than 2 years, IMHO.  I need something to workout with and would be an idiot to get another iPod, even a shuffle, IMHO.  Not much help am I?  I can't imagine Apple doing anything for anyone on a product this old but you can try.  I don't think the wait in line at genius bar would be time well spent.

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    well I discovered this forum post just today, I had the same issue with my iPod 5th gen 60gb on 5/21/2007 and was pretty much told it was out of warranty and that I would have to pay to get it fixed or purchase a new one, which led me to purchasing a new 5th gen 80gb version.  Today I discovered that they started replacing them after this date, and being I was using the new iPod and not the broken one, (the broken one was just being used as an external hard drive) never really did much research after that date.  I called the apple support today stating that I was told they couldn't fix it(on 5/21/2007), yet they started replacing them afterwards.  They pretty much told me that apple couldn't do anything and that I could go to a 3rd party repair place and get it fixed, but considering wants to charge 69.95 for the logic board that really doesn't seem like a great option.  So it looks like anyone that has discovered this now, are pretty much SOL.

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    I found a place where they will repair the sound issue for around $50 with 1 year warranty.

    (They say they replace the sound chip)

    Mine is on the way back to me now..


    Still cheaper than replacing it with another 80gb unit.


    Apple should be well aware of the problem, but prefer to deflect

    all of the complaints.. and pretend the issue doesn't exist.

    Once upon a time they would have done the right thing and taken care of their customers..


    Nothing differentiates them from any other greedy coproration anymore.

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    what is the place that is doing this, repairing the sound chip?  Appreciate the information.  Thank you.

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    San Antonio Texas


    Specific page for the 5th gen audio issue is:



    They do Ipads, Iphones, etc, and was a little tough to find the Gen 5 page


    I think it was $49.00 plus cheap shipping back.

    Expecting it tomorrow..


    They communicated well and seem to be good


    Asked if I wanted to replace the battery while it was in, which I declined as it is in my car under power at all times. No heavy sales stuff.



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    Return Shipping was free..


    See the website for the code..

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    thanks for the info.

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    I am disappointed with Apple.  I found this thread, called tech support and explained that my iPod wouldn't play sound unless I pressed the lower right corner.  I read all of the information that I got from this forum.  I gave them the TS2494 service confirmation slip number.


    I was told that engineering decided that this was not a manufacturing defect.  And that I needed to understand that even if I left my iPod on a shelf for five years, it would stop working.  Electronics aren't designed to last forever.  This is what the tech support guy told me.  He also said I needed to understand about electronics... Uh.  I'm a computer engineer.  I told him that where I work, we have computers that have been running for 15 years 24/7 and they still work.  My sister has an iPod that is three years older than mine and it is still running fine.  A very gently used iPod should still be working.  There are too many people complaining of the same issue... This page in the forum alone has 34 pages.  There are numerous other forums on the Internet that have the same amount of complaints or more.  This is not me treating my iPod badly.  This is Apple having poor manufacturing practices.


    My iPod stopped working due to a manufacturing defect.  Apple refuses to acknowledge this now, even though they did in the past.  Others have had theirs replaced because Apple acknowledged their manufacturing practices were the cause of the problem.  Now they do not. 


    I was told by tech support that I could pay $129 to get it fixed.  This is the base fee... doesn't include replacement parts, etc. My iPod isn't worth this. It's just another example of how Apple is a hardware oriented company trying to jerk its customers around by making them buy more hardware.


    I realize I'm just one person complaining against a huge company.  Apple doesn't care if I feel slighted because they replaced iPods for others and are unwilling to do so for me.  They don't care what I feel.


    However, I can make myself felt by them. 


    I work at a company that has over 50,000 employees.  My site alone has 2,000.  There has been talks about getting tablets for workers to use in the field within the next year.


    I am one who is asked for input on which tablets to use.  My recommendations are listened to and heeded.  I have been impressed with the iPad and was going to stand behind this device.  However, due to my experience today, I will now be recommending the use of Droid tablets or other options as opposed to iPads. I will use this experience with Apple to describe why using an Apple product is not an option.  They do not stand by their manufacturing defects and use of their products will end up costing my company more money. 


    My case number is 334237124. 


    I will be replacing my iPod with a non-Apple device and I will be doing my best to discourage anyone from buying Apple products.  Apple not standing by a malfunction in their product due to their manufacturing process is unacceptable. 

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    I have a 60gb Video 5th gen with the audio squeeze issue. Talked with the genius at the Apple Store about the sick ipod (had it with me) while I was picking up my daughter's MacBook Pro  that was back for a 3rd time in a week for a logic board replacement, magsafe board replacement, and then after I got it home with NO sound in, a microphone cable replacement.

    Cool! Genius told me that they were replacing the 5th gen ipods with audio chip issue for $129 with a 80GB classic when I showed him my iPod. But I was not scheduled for ipod appt so I went to genius appt maker and he also said he was aware of the replacement ipod for $129. I couldn't wait for a later appt so went home. Tried to make appt with genius and took a couple of days before I could find a mutually open time. So went back with my beautifully unscratched and hardly used ipod with loose chip and $129 and new genius at same store says NO CAN DO. Nope. 60GB 5th gen ipod can only be given back for a 10% off discount. Doesn't even show up as a case number. I wasn't looking for a free replacement- just what the geniuses happened to tell me. Now this ipod looks new and shiny and works beautifully if you squeeze lower right hand corner, so it is definitely the audio manufacturing defect. I still have a 60gb photo that looks new and works beautifully. I have 3 kids so I have purchased at least a dozen ipods.


    The Stores need to get their story straight. Consistency is important. I told my daughter she could get the new one when I got back with it and then had to disappoint her and said the apple store changed its mind.

    I just bought a new ipad and apple tv. Haven't opened or hooked up the apple tv yet so I think I am returning it. My husband's 3rd gen nano just happened to die today too.


    Good luck everyone.

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    Just like all the other valued customers of Apple on the 34 pages of 'discussion', plus the inumerable other similar discussions all over the internet I too fell foul of the no sound problem. An apparent known manufacturing fault. The final company response was 'its five years old, we wont fix it even if you pay us cos its old, we wont replace it unless you buy a new one, so ( couched in such pleasant, sympathetic and understanding language) - go away and sort it out yourself.'. Apple Care ?

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    Ok after multiple calls (they keep notes every time) and a trip to the apple store and finally another polite call to apple today I get to the coveted “Customer Relations Person” she was very very nice but after trying to look up the elusive TS2494 she sent me to an engineer who is a “Senior Specialist”; his name was Eric and although Eric was polite he explained to me that it was out of warranty, there were inconsistencies in people’s reactions from Apple but he could not verify any of the post information. He also had never heard of TS2494 and almost sounded like he doubts its’ existence. So like Bigfoot and Aliens; TS 2494 never existed! He said for $129 I could… (actually stopped him there and said what I was thinking) I asked him did he think CUTOMERS on Apples own support board were all liars? No one had ever had there’s replaced? He did not deny it but he referenced the not knowing the specific circumstances of any of those cases... I told him I could not view Apple’s database so I could not look it up, but he could. I gave him the link to this exact thread, again he said sorry nothing he can do until it is an ACTUAL recall! Like the ipod nano 1. Which by the way my ipod nano 1 was WAY older and two wweks ago I got an ipod 6 nano as a RECALL. So the age of the product is not the issue it is the DEFECT in the MANUFACTURING! I found his replies to be polite but he was unmoved by my concern that this was a MANUFACTURES DEFECT! And not a warranty issue. We agreed that he would note my call in my permanent serial number record and I informed him that Apple employees get paid to help and if I could not get mine replaced I would burn up hours on the phone to them each month to attempt to get mine replaced and in the end it will cost them more in phone tech support wages then my ipod was worth but ir was the principle of the thing. Apple, you know you build a good product! Do the right thing and fix this issue. 220,000 views on your own site on this thread…. Do you really need a quarter of a million ticked off customers?


    PS prepare for my call again next month Apple, I got patients and its the principle of the thing now...