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    Ok, my iPod started with the same issue...I think for now I'll ride out this thred and see what happens.


    My poor poor old 30G Video

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    I've had my iPod for 6 and a half years now. However, about four months or so after I bought it I had this sound problem, but It was only in the left headphone. I thought it was just my headphones going out so I would only use the right Well then I bought brand new headphones and realized that it was my iPod that had the problem. If I had known about the warranty I would have gotten it fixed way back then, but I wasn't aware of it until it was too late. Either way, I figured it was a problem I could live with. Now it won't play out of either headphone, was going to try pressing on the lower right hand corner but I guess it's not the same problem because that did nothing. Oh well. Guess it's just time to get a new iPod.

    Anyway my point of this was that people who were complaining about apple products not lasting long, I don't know what your deal is as mine worked for 6 years. yeah it had that one issue, and at about four years after I bought it started developing a few more, (wouldn't sync certain songs all the way, so i'd only have half the song, and it'd freeze up so I'd have to restart it a lot). But it's an electronic, that's to be expected. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I also haven't been the best iPod owner (dropped it on hard surfaces multiple times, and once i dropped it in a puddle) so i'm surprised it even lasted me this long.

    I was hoping to find out how much it would cost to get it fixed (to see if it would be cheaper than buying a new one) but I see from previous comments that it'll probably end up being cheaper and better to just get a new one. I've been wanting an ipod touch anyway.

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    I have had a original iPod 30gb Video, then iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3g, and now iPhone 4gs. With every model/product I have had issues. Last week someone did a smash and grab in my car where my iTouch was and now its a goner. I tried to resort to my ipod video and of Sound!!! Called Apple "Care" and spoke w/ Patrick who stated he was a senior specialist. He was very nice as in his tone of voice but was no help whatsoever. I told him that even though this is a older model it still cost alot and is in perfect condition. It has basically be in its box and been used as a music backup in case I needed to re-install itunes. I discovered this thread and couldn't believe how many people have had this same problem and how many got replacements. I was originally excited, thinking that maybe they would discount a repair or discount a new one, but of course that was wishful thinking on my part. Pretty much came down to SOL. I have a heart condition known as LAD Myocardial Bridge w/ Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Expecting to have surgery in 4 weeks. Music is such a relief during my hospitalizations and can actually decrease my pain. During painful procedures, I can use my ipod to mentally take me away from these awful times and float away in my head to some good music. I have used my iphone for this but iphones are a battery suck in hospitals and I use my phone to text my kids and parents, keeping everyone updated. So having a iPod is pretty much mandatory for someone like me. Can't afford to buy anything new and prayed that since this was such a known issue Apple would be able to do Something! Anything! But nope. They even stated that they couldn't find where the Sound problem I was describing listed anywhere. I asked him to look at these pages and was told "Anyone could post on there, it doesn't make it true". I reading that Apple "Cares" in their advertising doesn't make it true either. So I guess I can look forward to many painful procedures and no music to give me relief.

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    I have an ipod classic video 80gb which have the same issue as everyone else here, started off with static, randomly then no sound, progressively getting worse until few weeks ago and it is now no sound at all.

    I've tried everything suggested like reset, update firmware, restore default to no avail

    After googling over the weekend I found this thread and also other forum and realized I'm not alone.


    So today I called apple (on hold for 15 mins) and first lady to answer (Rose) was very helpful and taking notes of everything I told and explained like everyone did here.

    She said she's going to proceed and fill up an out of warranty repair form which going to cost me some money and basically I replied to her that this is a manufacturer's defect and I'm not willing to spend any money to get it fixed.

    She then escalated this issue to the product specialist (on hold for another 15 mins) named Hannah and apparently she has not heard of this issue before.

    She suggested that I bring the ipod to apple center to get it checked of which I have done and get turned down straight away as the product is out of warranty and the store rep said he won't even bother getting it looked at.

    So at this point she took matter personally and ensure me that she'd look at this matter further and consult with her colleagues to see what other options available for me and get back to me within 24 hours.


    I'll keep everyone updated as soon as I hear back.

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    UPDATE: I finally received a replacement, brand new (without box or accessories) 7th gen ipod 160gb (double the size) cause they don't have 80gb anymore.

    Basically Hannah (product specialist) escalated the issue to customer relation lady which took care of the rest.

    Lots of on hold and call back and forth and escalation process and end up with an authorised apple repairer near my area and they ordered the replacement for me.

    Took a while but it's definitely worth a try and it worked.

    Thanks to everyone's advised.


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    Add me to the long list of iPods having this problem.  My 5.5g 80GB was working fine when all of a sudden no sound from the headphones.  I quickly swapped out backs from a working iPod that I have and nope, no sound.


    The **** IC chip is the culprit.  iPod is in great looking shape so it's a shame that a crappy soldering connection renders this small machine useless. 

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    My daughter's 64 GB 5th gen iPod has this same issue which of course occurred just out of warranty.  Offered new one at 1/2 the cost of original.  Think if this is an obviously repeated issue, this product should either be repaired free of charge or replaced.  Fun part for us is that the iPod issue seemEd to have started right after an update went through.

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    PhillyPhan,  apparently you do not recognize that the same as any item purchased, if there is a defect in the product, a company such as Apple generally institutes a recall on the product.  Cars, computers, dishwashers and yes even Apple products, sometimes have manufacturing defects that require a recall and based on the number of people posting the same issue is occurring, it seems that there is a defect.  I hope you never have a product that you saved for, purchased the warranty and as soon as it ends, the product is not working correctly.  iPods are not cheap and they should last longer than 18 months without a problem.

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    Hi felip3,

    I'd like to follow your fix solution with the iron but the image link doesn't work anymore.

    Could you please re-post it?



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    İ Pone

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