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Hi -
I received my new 24" iMac today - and to my bitter disappointment when I turned it on, there's a 4mm black object (looks like a piece of black foam/sponge) stuck on the inside glass of my display. I can see the display behind it, which is absolutely fine, no dead pixels. It's stuck itself in the middle of the screen, approx 2 inches down from the isight camera!

It seems to be something lightweight/affixed by static electricity as it moves slightly when i rub the glass gently with the supplied polishing cloth over it -

What do i do??!!

Most service centres here in Melbourne (Australia) have a minimum 1 week turn around to even look at it!

Very disappointed

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  • Barbara Brundage Level 7 Level 7
    Call apple right off. Since it's brand new you may be able to just exchange it for another one, although it sounds like an easy fix (but I wouldn't try it yourself even if you have a vacuum lifter, since you may void your warranty, and you shouldn't have to, either).
  • Paul Troon Level 1 Level 1
    It's a BTO, so even if they were to swap it I would have to wait for them to build another one.

    See: rock/hard place....
  • Barbara Brundage Level 7 Level 7
    Wow, that's rotten luck, but still it's better to have a couple of days wait now. I'd just be concerned about what else might be in there that you can't see.
  • TimCab Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Paul,
    I spoke to you this morning regarding this issue. If the machine is within the DOA period you may qualify for an exchange. Where did you buy it from?

    Take it back to where you bought it if it's in the 10 working day period and demand them to give you a new one.

    At this stage my service centre hasnt been supplied by Apple with ALL the necessary tools to perform the repairs as there are new specialised tools for the latest revision iMac.
  • Paul Troon Level 1 Level 1
    Hey Tim,
    Thanks for the info - It was purchased through the Apple Online Store.
    After I spoke with you, someone from Apple called back to say that they were going to replace it - I'd taken photos of the issue and emailed them through originally.

    - it's going to take a couple of weeks to get the new machine as apparently they're all shipping from Asia (Had a very impatient wait with the apple & TNT parcel tracker widget!) - and I also got a 500gb hdd put in as well, but they're happy for me to use this one until the new one arrives which is great, then there's apparently going to be a couple of days between them picking the old machine up and delivering the new one.

    Everyone at Apple has been so helpful and responsive though, I've been really impressed with the service.