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I must have deleted my application folder by mistake. I just cant get it back! I go to my HD and try to name a new folder "Applications" and i get "chose another name, name is taken".

Help please.

Imac, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10 (262,780 points)
    If the name is already taken, then the folder must still be there. Try doing a Finder search of the hard drive or download the third-party search utility Easy Find and search for the folder. You may have just moved it.

    If you put it in the Trash but have not emptied the Trash, then you can simply drag the folder back to it's normal location.

    You cannot 'accidentally' delete the Applications folder because if you try to send it to the Trash you will see a pop-up dialog requesting your password in order to delete the folder. An actual deletion of the Applications folder must be deliberate.
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    Thanks for ur reply. But my problem is I keep getting "The item 'Applications' cannot be replaced because it is invisible." How do u make it visible?
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    Download the utility Show Hide Invisibles. Use it to toggle visibility of invisible files. See if your Applications folder shows up. If so then re-toggle invisibles OFF. Hopefully, you Applications folder will remain visible.
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    Thanks again but when "show invisible files" is on, it is there. When hid, it is no longer there.
    Any other suggestions?
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    Is it renamed as '.Applications' with a period in front of the name? If so rename it by removing the period. If this is not the case then download the utility File Buddy that you can use to make the folder visible.
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    The funny part!
    Ok, so i don't have ".Applications", downloaded file buddy. Got info on the application folder, unchecked invisible, clicked apply. Great right? the not so funny part is it came right back to invisible!
    U R good but i think i have a good puzzle for u!
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    Thanks a Million!
    Played some more with file buddy and I got it!