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"Unable to Contact Spell Checker" affects Mail, Pages, Text Edit, and Keynote. I've had to set spelling to "Never Check Spelling" in Mail and Pages, and have had to trash iWork 08 (Keynote couldn't get beyond its launch and endlessly repeated notices, "Unable To Contact Speller Checker"). Have tried Disk Repair and Repair Permissions in the Mac OS X Install Disc 1, reinstalling OS 10.4.4 (Achive and Preserve Settings), PRAM reset, Tiger Cache Cleaner. After reinstalling I have upgraded to OS 10.4.10. Unable to access TechTool Deluxe with restart holding C down: it restarts with OS 10 regardless (it's worked in the past). This problem has been going on for some weeks. I found that attempting to check spelling in Mail disabled Pages. It wouldn't launch but displayed Template. blank could not found.

Imac Intel Duo 20, Mac OS X (10.4.10)