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Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 Level 1
By and large, I'm pretty happy with the functionality of iCal, even if it's a bit basic. But setting due dates on to dos and events is very frustrating!

Let's say you add a new to do, then click the due date box. Today's date is filled in, say, 26/08/2007 in my part of the world. I want to schedule the to do for next month. To change it you click on the day part, enter a number (say, 08), then tab or click on the month part. At this time the iCal display jumps to 08/08/2007 (in the past!). Now I get to manually type in the new month, 9, and press Return or tab and things are good again. It's all kind of long-winded and messy. What's sorely needed is a drop-down calendar picker, or the ability to click on the existing calendar at the left to pick a date.

Does anyone know of any easier way to enter due dates? I've even looked for external programs that handle to do functionality, but can't find any that automatically sync changes to iCal for syncing to my Palm Treo. Anyone know if iCal in Leopard is any better in this regard?

Thanks in advance!

Powerbook G4 12, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Papabill50 Level 1 Level 1
    When I was in the Apple store in Atlanta recently, i was told some updates to iCal were upcoming. Perhaps your suggestions will be part of the update.

    Bishop Bill
  • Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 Level 1
    I'd certainly like to think so. Haven't seen any details of what's coming in iCal.
  • Hugh Kremer Level 1 Level 1
    I couldn't agree more. I can't believe that this has escaped Apple for so long, and didn't even make it into Leopard. Let's say its the middle of November and I want to schedule a to-do due date for the end of the week, say Friday, second week of December. I do this all the time. Sorry, but I can't do the math this quickly, so I need to open up a calendar, or scroll down the calendar, then enter the exact date manually.

    Just give me a quick pop-up. Travel web sites do this. Now Up To Date in 1992 had drop down calendars. So does Entourage, which is what I use ONLY because of this one glaring pain. Entering due dates, reminders, etc, is just a pain in iCal, and even worse now in Mail.
  • Tai Krause Level 2 Level 2
    This might help; when editing to-dos, go to iCal preferences, then the "Advanced" tab thing and uncheck "Hide To Do items with due dates after the calendar view." This will show all to-dos regardless of date and will simply move the to-do up to the top rather than closing the bubble and forcing you to the current day. Just make sure to re-check the box when you're done, if this is even what you're talking about.