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I have a setting where I lock my SIM card on my iPhone each time I turn off and on the phone. When the phone enters into its normal state, i have a passcode for the phone, then it asks me to unlock the sim card. Now the problem I have now is I have restored my iPhone since I thought maybe restoring it might make a few bugs its had would go away and with the update that was recently released, it might be a good idea. Now it is asking me to activate my phone using an UNLOCKED AND VALID SIM CARD. Well, my SIM is locked because it had to turn itself off and on and it wants me to put in a SIM that is unlocked before it can activate. What do I do?

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    the factory default for the sim lock passcode is 1111 for Sim1 and 2222 for sim2

    the above passcode will unlock a simcard on the iphone unless you changed the sim passcode prior

    try entering 1111
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    this is the prob though. I can't even get to the menu. Its been restored like factory settings. It is asking me to put in an unlocked SIM card. Mine is locked. So pretty much I can't enter in anything.
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    If possible, go to an AT&T corporate store.. they should be able to help you with this. The SIM card and it's functions are AT&T, not APPLE.
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    There's an easy fix.

    Do you have another GSM phone laying around? If not, borrow one from a friend, a family member, or a stranger on the street. Naturally, it has to be either an AT&T phone or an unlocked phone.

    Take the SIM out of the iPhone and put it into the other phone. When you put the SIM card in, it should ask you for the SIM code, and you can unlock it.

    In the event the SIM card has become blocked, it will ask you for a PUK code. Go onto your AT&T account website, click "Phone/Device" and then click "Unblock SIM card". The website will give you your 8-digit Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) code. Enter it as prompted on the phone. This will both unblock the SIM and reset the SIM lock password.

    Once you have unlocked and/or unblocked your SIM, put it back into your iPhone and plug it into iTunes and it will activate.
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    To be clear...

    I had the same problem so I put the sim in my wife's iPhone and unlocked it, but not only do you have to unlock it right when the phone turns on, but you have to go in to settings > phone > sim pin > and turn SIM PIN off. Then put it back in to the original iPhone. It worked for me and I'm a noob