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hi, i'm a first time poster and a bit of a newbie so please go easy on me.
i have a 30gb video ipod, which i also use for data storage (photos, documents, etc.) i used to just drag and drop files onto the ipod in my computer. however, i just reinstalled windows and tried to transfer my old files back, but my computer can't access them. i know they are definitely there because on 'properties' it shows disk usage, and there's about 4gb of stuff there. also i can find them on my AVG antivirus scan. however, i can't get at the darn files in order to transfer them back on to my pc!
i tested the ipod on another computer and the same problem occurs, so its not the fault of my pc.
can anyone tell me how to proceed please? my main concern is getting the files, and then fixing later..there's a lot of old holiday photos etc. that have sentimental value.

pc, Windows XP, a