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when I noticed it first, my speculation was a 'secret public beta' (yepp, I DID see the red bubbles.. )

but it looks like, THIS is our new Interface..

... is that Apple-conform.. ok, the days of the H.I.G. are long forgotton.. (one word: wood)
but why has the spell-checker icon a different color/blue?
why is the tab Orange?
what is that thin grey line around-all for (a window for a window) ...?
position of 'Model/OS/Other...' is 'somewhere'.. no 'layout' ...
why doesn't the Preview automatically resize, when a pic is included in message? (ok, I can answer that: Jive isn't able to do so...)

... I'm not familiar with forthcoming 10.5. ... but an Apple user since '86 ... the AD's User Interface is not only ugly (that's just my taste), but .. 'confusing/confused' ..

my 5 cents, sorry for ranting..

Cube/1GB/QT6pro/iLife5+MacMini CD/1.66/1.25GB/QT7/iLife6, Mac OS X (10.4.10),
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