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I have had my MBP a little over 16 months and have had few problems with it. I am using Fan Control and Hardware monitor. The CPU normally runs at 1333 mHz unless I am running CPU intensive software. Lately it has been ramping up to 2167 mHz with only Firefox and mail open and, of course, it runs hot and the fan spins up to full speed. If I shut down and restart it will sometimes settle down and run at 1333 and usually it will ramp up and back down again when the demand slacks off. I have no idea what it causing it to spin up.

Any ideas out there? I would prefer it to chug along at 1333 most of the time. Am I missing something in terms of settings?

Any assistance appreciated.

John Freitag

MacBook Pro 2.16, Mac OS X (10.4.7), 2 250 GB LaCie external in RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration