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I would like to have all of my everyday pictures jpeg in IPhoto and all my Raw file in Aperture. Since you can only associate one software to automaticly import the pictures,(in my case IPhoto) I have to import all of my pictures in IPhoto, then manually import my Raw file in Aperture from the IPhoto library, then go back to IPhoto to remove my RAW file from IPhoto album.

There must be a better way.

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    One thing that you can do is to do your import into Aperture first. In Aperture, the window opens with all of your photos that are on that card you are currently importing from. Select your RAW files from the thumbnails (files for the RAW images are labeled differently on my camera), import those images into Aperture. When done importing select "Delete Imported Images and Eject Card". Re-insert card, open iPhoto and import all of the files that are left.

    What I tend to do is shoot everything in RAW, then the everyday photos get exported to iPhoto as a jpeg then deleted from Aperture (if necessary). Another benefit of doing it this way is the jpeg that Aperture produces is smaller in size and sharper in detail than the jpeg that is formated in my camera (Cannon Digital Rebel).

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks for your answer.

    I was thinking of doing someting like you, but was looking to find a way for not having to insert card and eject and re-insert, but I guess there is no other way around.

    Thanks for your help
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    I have Aperture and i have iphoto 6.06 and, I can;t seem to import my files from iphoto to Aperture. The drop down menu doesn't let me import my files if its in iphoto or my albums doesn't show up either. It does recognize folders the that is not in iphoto and lets me download those fine. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Can't seem to figure this out, is there a setting to fix this ? help !!!!
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    Click on the Import button in Aperture then select the disk/folder that has your iPhoto library. All of the albums, rolls, events and photos will be visible in the Aperture import window and can be imported. You may need a newer version of iPhoto to work, I am not sure this functionality was available with iPhoto 6