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hello everybody

my configuration:
- netgear modem/router
- airport extrem connected to the modem/router
- airport express connected to home stereo
- both airport's have clock option enabled to time.apple.com

so the airport express works fine the protocoll shows no related entries (and the time stamp for entries is up to date). the airport extreme shows several entries in its protocol "No address for NTP server time.apple.com". this i don't understand. does anybody has an explanation an a solution to overcome this situation?
thank you

MacBook Pro A1212, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Hi there.

    The message "No address for NTP server time.apple.com" means the AEBS cannot resolve (convert) the DNS name "time.apple.com" to an IP address. All network devices - computers, AEBS etc. - need to be able to do this to find other network devices on the Internet. They have to use numbers not the human friendly DNS names like time.apple.com (which is a valid host name).

    If you are seeing this on the AEBS it means it cannot convert the name to an IP address. To do this it needs to know the IP address of one or more DNS servers (which do the job).

    To check this - in the AirPort Utility connect to the AEBS and go to:

    Internet | Internet Connection and look at the entries for "DNS Server(s):".

    Is there anything there? Is the font a grey colour not black? Ideally, if you are connecting to an ASP via cable or xDSL, the ASPs equipment will 'give' that information automatically to the AEBS and you will see numbers in grey font in one, or both, of the fields. If you don't see numbers there then the AEBS will not be able to 'resolve' names to IP address numbers.
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    hi there ... thank you for your response. my dns entries are two addresses from my dsl-provider ( with its domain name (bluewin.ch). so i have them all taken out hoping the modem/router would pass a valid dns-entry. but no effect. in both ways the message "No address for NTP server time.apple.com" remains and no change of in the dns-fields even after i have let them empty ...
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    oh ... now this after having a look this morning:

    - airport extreme (connected to the modem/router, time-option disabled): protocoll shows messages with correct time stamp and no messages "No address for NTP server ..."
    - aiport express (connected via wireless to the extreme, time-option enabled!): protocoll shows messages with correct time stamp an no messages "No address for NTP server ..." too

    so the stuff seems to work right ... but why does it not accept to enable the time-option also in the airport extreme ... ?
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    no help so close this stuff ....