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Hi there,
I've finally had it with some hardware issues that I've had since day 1 of owning this G5 Dual 1.8.
Running10.4.9 OSX...

Nothing that has affected my day to day working-yet, but growing problems, fans get loud, awful buzzing noise from inside the tower comes and goes and grows in volume when it's happening. I believe it's coming from the internal drive bays... Both of which are filled with 2 new SATA Seagate internals that don't appear to be slowing up or spinning a processing error when I'm working...

When I run an Apple Hardware Test, The AHT disc crashes each time at the 5 minute and :12 second mark while "In Progress" on the "Mass Storage" test, it freezes and the fan gets loud. I do a hard restart to get up and running ok each time afterwards.

I've never received a complete AHT result of tests summary, ever, so I don't know what's really wrong, ever. But I know something is not right. Using Disk Utility is a joke, SMART status is always "verified" of course, no obvious system software errors.

I'm using the disc that came with my G5 "Additional Software Apple Hardware Test":
AHT Version 2.2.2
Disc Version: 1.1

I've scoured Apple knowledge base for anything on this version-but nothing.

Any suggestions please. IS there any hardware testing software out there besides the faulty AHT disc software Apple provides? The nearest Apple store is over an hour and half away, I just don't have time to drive there to hear the same thing I already know, and if I could pinpoint the problem myself with proper software, I can handle doing the maintenance....
Please help!



G5, Mac OS X (10.4.9), Dual 1.8