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I have a new 2GHZ mac mini and am having terrible problems with the airport. The signal stregth is constantly going up and down and often disconnecting totally. I know it's something to do with my mini because when I have my old G4 Powerbook on next to it, its signal strength stays on a solid 4-5 bars and never loses connection. Does the Mini just have an inferior airport? Please help.

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.10), 2GHZ model
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    The mini has always appeared to suffer marginally lower signal for wifi than other Apple systems, so it would not surprise me if your Airport signal was lower then expected, but not that it fluctuates in anything like the way you report.

    Given that the system is new, rather than attempt a range of tests and troubleshooting, and bearing in mind you're in the UK, I would return the system to the place you bought it and ask for a replacement. If it came from Apple on-line, call them.

    There are lots of possible interference sources for wifi, any (or all) of which could impact the mini and in part explain the results you see, but in the absence of any similar behaviour from the powerbook, I would discount interference as the cause, and instead blame a hardware issue, even if it only turns out to be a slightly loosely connected Airport antenna.
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    While I agree with what Andy says, it is also possible that you need to adjust the placement or orientation of the Mini slightly to get better signal quality.

    The PowerBook has a much bigger antenna than the Mini. And the Mini's antenna is in the back top right corner where it is much easier for it to be blocked.

    Could you describe how your mini is located with respect to your wireless router and the person using it?
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    it is also possible that you need to adjust the location of the Mini slightly to get better signal quality

    Normally I would agree though the telling point here is, I think, that the powerbook is reported to have full strength while the mini is not just lower, but also variable to the point of random disconnects. The disparity between these two systems is not something that is consistent with the difference in sensitivity of the two, nor should the mini suffer disconnects while a system in the same location reports full signal.

    Under the terms of consumer protection laws in the UK, the mini would likely not rise to a reasonable standard of merchantable quality or fitness for use in the condition described, and the owner should not accept it.