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I send out a pdf newsletter to an email group of about 80 contacts 2x per month. I mark it as a Windows Friendly attachment.

SOME recipients find no attachment whatsoever. The people that have no attachment changes each time I send a new issue.

When I get the message, "Where's the attachment?" I reply to the individual and attach the same file. They then receive the file.

Is it me? Is it them? Is there a solution?

Thank You!

Dual G5 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 (11,510 points)
    Strange. Typically, Mail contacts your SMTP server, passes across the address of the recipients one at a time, then passes across a single copy of the message for the server to pass on to the various servers used by the various recipients. So I would expect the problem to arise AFTER your SMTP server, suggesting that there is little you can do about it.

    Is there any pattern or consistency in the missing attachments? Are the all going to the same ISP? How many go missing? Is it the same number each time?

  • sherrera Level 1 (10 points)
    It IS strange! There is no consistency to the missing attachments. The recipients are different each time.

    They go to a variety of ISPs, verizon, aol, roadrunner, yahoo. The attachments are small enough to pass through file size restrictions.

    The only thing that's consistent is that they are all going to Windows users. They are technology challenged. Some use web mail, some use Outlook.

    Unfortunately, most of the recipients are also senior citizens and trying to get them to forward any information back to me is next to impossible.

    I'm almost thinking that maybe they don't know what they are looking at. Maybe the attachment IS there and they just don't know where to look for it.

    I don't know what steps to try next.
  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 (11,510 points)
    I don't know what steps to try next

    Visit one of them? Talk to their non-technologically-challenged offspring?