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  • Maschinsky Level 1 (5 points)
    Unfortunately the software "fix" didn't fix anythimng. Freezes getting even worse than before...
  • lore1701 Level 1 (0 points) That is cheap RAM. Call me a grade "A" sucker.
  • menkarura Level 1 (0 points)
    This makes no sense but here it goes my situation
    10.4.10 with iMac update 1.0 = no freezing in OS sometimes in games
    10.4.10 with iMac update 1.1 = constant freezing in the OS
    10.5 = no freezing in OS sometimes in games
    10.5 with iMac update 1.3 = 1 blackscreen, 3 freezes in OS

    I am running a with no additional RAM
  • peopleperson Level 1 (0 points)
    I have yet to experience this mass freeze everyone is talking about, I had the dock completely lock up once, but i was really pushing the RAM hard then. Anyway, Im not really seeing posts on the one thing that does happen to me ALL THE TIME...

    It's more of a hard idleing/freeze after roughly 2-3 minutes of not using the computer. Almost like the drive sleeps after an extremely short time away from computer use. Basically everything can not be moved until after about 10-15 seconds of clicking and trying to coax the computer back into activity. My energy saver settings are set to never sleep (computer, display & disc) and i don't use screen savers.

    Is this under the same umbrella of these major freeze issues, or am i just nubbing something up? Any direction on this would be awesome.
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 (5 points)
    Nop.. that is not "the" freeze issue we have.. This is only due to one of your drive going to sleep (my external HD do it even if it's set to never), then by the time it spins back to what it should be, you'll get a 5-10 secs "freeze"..
  • peopleperson Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok, cool - well I'm taking this back and getting a pro then.
  • Tallan Level 4 (3,095 points)
    In case you haven't be sure to UNcheck the box that says "Put hard drive to sleep when possible."

    External hard drives, especially USB or Firewire powered, usually do have their own spindown (sleep) routines, usually in firmware and not adjustable by the user, the idea being that external hard drives are more often used as backups and file servers and don't need the fast response of the internal drive which runs applications and utilities, etc.
  • misterbrain Level 1 (0 points)
    I got my iMac 24" 2 weeks ago. I've bought it with 4GB of RAM.
    As most of the users of the new iMac's I have the same problems:
    10.4.10 with Update 1.0 runs quite OK (but also freezes sometimes)
    10.4.10 with Update 1.1 makes the iMac hardly usable (5-20 freezes a day)
    10.5 didn't solve the problem at all - it made it worse
    Just Windows Vista was running very smooth and stable.

    I don't think upgrading the memory from 3GB to 4GB will solve anything.

    Today I installed the 1.3 Update in Leopard - First i thought that the issue is fixed now.
    I even could sleep the iMac and wake it up again without having problems.
    Half a hour later I had a freeze again - opened timemachine then the system stopped.
    Again I just could press the Powerbutton to powercycle the system.
    I still have some minor graphic errors - even now editing this reply. (the blue frame has some "holes" at the bottom).

    But at least one issue i had was solved with the new Update.
    Previously I was unable to use my mobile phone (K750i) paired to the iMac.
    Every time the connection was established, I hardly could use my mightymouse.
    Now with the phone connected the mouse and wireless keyboard are operating well.
    But still when the is bluetooth triffic (syncing my phone with iSync) the mousecursor starts jumping when moving the mouse.

    After all I have the "feeling" that the system is much more stable than before 1.3.
    Since 2 hours no more freezes. But I don't think that the issue was solved with 1.3.
    We will see what future brings.

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  • peopleperson Level 1 (0 points)
    It's unchecked, its the first place i went after it started happening. I've used a mac for at least 13 years consistently! and this has never been a problem.
  • pavelbure Level 1 (35 points)
    it will freeze again. just give it time. i called up apple care, spent about 90 min. total on the line. did the usual disk permissions ect. stuff. still froze on front row.

    they gave me 2 choices, they would ship me a box and i would send it back and they would send me a loaner or have someone come out and replace the graphics card. i choose having someone come out and replace the card.

    hopefully this will fix the problem i have in imovie 06 i am getting weird graphic glitches on themes. go to "reflection - white" theme, click on the "open" theme, when title 1 appears near the end i get some sort of bar code looking thing instead of a title 1 reflection. if i type something in it goes away, only to reappear when i add it to my timeline. this is really irritating me. also occasionally when i add clips they will be all distorted. quicktime does the same thing.

    does this imovie thing happen to anyone else with good cards ?
  • impyromo Level 1 (5 points)
    I just applied the 1.2 update to a 20in 2.4GHz Imac ordered w/2GB RAM (from Apple, not 3rd party) running 10.4.10 (a little weary about going to leopard after the imacs we bought 3 months ago freeze)

    The first thing it did after I clicked 'log in' at the login window is freeze. Unresponsive, screen artifact to lower right, completely useless. This update didn't fix anything for me.

    Oh, and this is a machine that had the logic board AND ram replaced by an apple technician last week to 'fix' the freezing issue, which didn't fix anything (they're ordering another logic board)..

    Out of curiosity, has anyone been able to see what the 1.2 or 1.3 updates actually do or change? The cryptic 'important bug fixes' message isn't very helpful.
  • Rick Bargerhuff Level 1 (5 points)
    Going to try v1.2 of this update. Here goes nothing. Why am I being crazy? Like I said before, I should make sure the issues I have had are still present in this update before posting anymore information. Here goes nothing.
  • dsmcclin Level 1 (0 points)
    Just a quick note on the RAM issue - from the forums (multiple sites / forums) there seems to be no correlation between Apple RAM or 3rd party RAM. Check out the following MacRumors forum on the newest update for a poll.
  • Al Van Malsen Level 6 (18,740 points)
    I tried it a couple of hours ago and it didn't help me. I was so hopefull too. I hope it helps some folks, but it hasn't helped me.

    Anyway, I am on the phone with Apple right now, well I am on ignore, I mean hold, with a 2nd tier support person. Let's see what they come up with.
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 (5 points)
    I've installed the 1.3 update... everything went smoothly... So far no freezes... the only this is in front row.. the screen goes black then comes back up.. + I saw some artifacts in the titles (black lines across)

    How can a problem gets fixed on some machines and gets worst on others!!! Soon I'll need a psy!
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