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  • illy5603 Level 1 Level 1
    Please let us know how this turns out. My genius basically just gave me a new iMac which was fine on the first one but I don't want to exchange system after system... I really want to know if this is hardware or driver related.
  • Zachary Schwartz Level 1 Level 1
    Yea, as I said in this or another thread about these lockups, they swapped my dad's iMac out too for a new one, and told him they never heard of the problem at all. Calls to apple also yielded the same results. I don't see how they could be unaware of such a large problem, especially if its on their own user forums...

    I know they claim not to read these but come on...
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 Level 1
    Don't bring your mac in yet... Try to live with it.. At this point I can say that when my left hand reaches for the power button, there is no more searching, it's right on it!! It's frustating, I know, but it'll get fixed and we'll be happy ever after.. I'm starting to know when it's going to crash, you see some stutering before it actually freezes.. so I let go of everything, save, then quit the apps and re-open... Not pretty, but I love the machine...until the fix comes around.
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 Level 1
    Yeap... well just what I thought... The genius told me he hadn't heard of that problem before... then he looked in is problem database, looked at me and said... Nop, I don't have this problem on file, your computer is fine unless I can reproduce it right now!... Then he went through the whole reformatting process... Yeap.. 3 days to a deadline, I REAAAllyy want to reformat and re-install all my softwares...So I gently opened my email, showed him all these emails and said "So.. there no problem..." and that's about it... my 15 minutes were up! Back to square 1 with my lovely new iMac...
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 Level 1
    Like we would say in french .... "Pas fort leur affaire"
  • xoxo666 Level 1 Level 1
    Té tu Québecois? Sinon j'aimerais ca pouvoir expliquer mon problème en francais parce que mon anglais est pas fort :P
  • FP_iMacAddict! Level 2 Level 2
    Photos for Mac
    Ah, wee wee mon frere! J'taime le Big Mac!!!!
  • xoxo666 Level 1 Level 1
    Moi c'est le McXtra

    Ben cé ca, ca gèle cé pas croyable. J'ouvre juste MSN ou ben sinon quand il se réveille du sleep mode. C'est écrit que le sujet est "answered". T'as l'air de ty connaitre. Connais tu une solution pour ca? J'aime mon nouvel imac. C'est mon premier mais cette histoire de gelage me fais chier en sale! Aide moo mon frère! :P

    No offense to english speakers, I just felt a little bit more comfortable to explain my problem speak in french to Marc Poirier since my english is still pretty poor.
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 Level 1
    Salut... Ben oui, chu Québécois... de St-Eustache en plus!!!!
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 Level 1
    Nice... fluent I see
  • Marc Poirier Level 1 Level 1
    Oui, le problème "semble" être au niveau de la carte graphique, qui est un nouveau modèle de ATI.. Si tu as fait une mise à jour du système à 1.1, il semblerait que pour plusieurs, c'est la cause majeure du problème... tu peux reformatter et ne pas faire des updates systèmes.. logiciels oui...

    MAIS! malgré tout ça, le problème est toujours la, mais moins fréquent... Moi je suis sur 1.2 (qui n'existe pas sur apple encore!!), donc inutile de reformatter... J'essaye de trouver un "pattern" qui le ferait planter mais c'est très alléatoire...

    Je crois qu'il faut juste apprendre à vivre avc jusqu'à ce qu'un update arrive...

  • J. Pierre D'Autel Level 1 Level 1
    If you are having a problem with your new iMac after installing the 1.1 software update here is a link to to download and then downgrade to the earlier version of the software.

    My iMac is kicking a@# once again.
  • xoxo666 Level 1 Level 1
    Héhé le monde est petit! Moi je suis de Boisbriand, p-e qu'on s'est déja vu sans s'en rendre compte au cinéma Mathers ou ben le marché aux puces!

    Je vais écrire en english pour que les autres me prennent pas pour un égoiste et ca me permet de me pratiquer aussi :P

    I dont know if I can actually live with this iMac knowing the graphic card may be the sources of my problems. I even wonder if I should return it back to the stores and wait for a second line to come. But this would **** me off cauz I really need a computer now. I cant wait that long. But how did you get the 1.2 update? Did you see any good upgrade since 1.1? My friend also said that Western Digital suck *** and that I should change it as soon as possible. Man, seriously, I thought that maybe switching to Apple computers might change my life but I feel it's worst than a PC sometimes... Anyway, on se reparle!!
  • autiger Level 1 Level 1
    +"Ah, wee wee"+

    If someone said this to me, I would probably point them in the direction of the bathroom. LOL!!!!!
  • autiger Level 1 Level 1
    I had marked this as answered because I was basically just trying to see if a lot of people were having trouble with the iMacs freezing up, and it is apparent that they are. I really do hate that, too. I think that I still may try Ubuntu on my eMachine for a while just to see how it does, rather than going and spending over $2,000 for a machine that is going to consistently give me problems. I'm still kind of undecided, though.
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