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I just installed Adobe because I thought I had to for school and now it's taken over my computer. When I first installed it, it asked me if I wanted it to be the default program for pdf files and I said no and to never ask me again. Regardless of that, it opens all pdf files and saves all pdf files so that Adobe Reader is the default program to open them. I don't see anything in Preview preferences that forces it to be the default reader. I tried just getting rid of Adobe but there's no uninstall so there's pieces of it still around and it keeps trying to resurface. Anyway, how do I get Preview to stand up for itself? Thanks!

MacBook 1.83GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Right click or control click on any PDF you have to "Get info". In the Get Info window, select Open With Preview & then select "change all". Now all your PDF will open with Preview. I've been getting along without Adobe Reader for years.

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    If you want to trash Adobe Reader, drag the application to the trash, or right click on the application & select "Move to Trash". In your ~(Home Folder)/Library/Preferences, trash any folders or .plist files associated with Adobe Reader. Be careful to only trash Adobe Reader Files. Then in ~(Home Folder)/Library/Application Support, see if there are any folders or files associated with Adobe Reader. Again, be careful to only trash Adobe Reader files. & finally to be sure you got everything, you could do a Spotlight search for any else.