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Joseph Varallo Level 1 Level 1
Anyone else having this problem? .mac works fine - is it their problem?

imac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • macnoob823 Level 1 Level 1
    My Mail app is not working either. I can access my mail via the .mac website but not via the mail app. The app opens but does not show new mail. There is an exclamation point next to the inbox and when i click on it, it says
    "There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Check the settings for account "myname@mac.com" or try again.

    The server error encountered was: The server "mail.mac.com" refused to allow a connection on port 993."

    You can click "stay offline" or "go online" but neither one does anything. I also tried to change the port in preferences, but the other port did not work either.
  • Riffer87 Level 1 Level 1
    Im having it too. It saying cannot find server or something like that?

    It worked fine until like 11am EST then hasnt worked since.
  • Joseph Varallo Level 1 Level 1
    Must be on their end. This has happened before. I guess I will wait it out!

    I don't even get a message
  • magyarmerce Level 1 Level 1
    put me on the list. Sometime today, mail just stopped working via Mail app. At one point, I even couldn't even get it to work via Safari through .Mac. I could log in, but the mail was not accessible. Now I can view mail via Safari, but Mail app is still having issues with certificates and SSL. I also tried adding the certificate to my Keychain, and it did not sove the problem.
  • Joseph Varallo Level 1 Level 1
    Just got a message SSL off - what does that mean?
  • TonyInSF Level 1 Level 1
    It was down this morning. Came back for awhile but it looks like it's down again.

    Can still check .Mac mail using Safari but not with Mail or iPhone.
  • freevito Level 2 Level 2
    Mac OS X

    There's nothing wrong with Mail app; Apple's mail servers are the source of the problem. I access my mail using SeaMonkey's mail app, and I'm having the same problem. Ditto for Thunderbird, for the Mail and Newsgroups app in the Mozilla Suite, and for OS X Mail app. However, the problem is sporadic. It works for a while, and then it breaks again.

    All of the Mozilla mail apps run a "Checking mail server capabilities" check before running "Send authenticate login information...". Lately they've all been return the error message "*Mail server mail.mac.com is not an IMAP4 mail server.*" Well, it's pretty unlikely that all my mail apps and your Mail app and everyone else's mail app broke all at once. The problem is definitely on Apple's end.

    I know it's a big inconvenience, but just hang in there; they'll sort it out.

  • Prof. Level 2 Level 2
    I'm having the same problem. Hopefully, Apple will release a update to fix the problem.

  • McGinnis Level 1 Level 1
    Mine is not working either. This *****. I'm on the phone with Apple. I'm asking for a credit for today's outtage. This seems to be widespread.
  • freevito Level 2 Level 2
    Mac OS X

    "SSL" means "secure sockets layer". It's basically a secure channel for exchanging data. You can turn it on and off in Mail:Preferences:Accounts, in the Advanced tab, in the bottom portion of the window. The normal port your computer uses for an IMAP mail server connection is port number 143. When you check the "Use SSL" checkbox, you'll see the port number change to 993.

    But toggling "Use SSL" on and off won't make any difference as far as the current problem is concerned. If the servers aren't working, you'll just have your choice of being unable to connect to the server on port number 143, or being unable to connect on port 993. (heh)

  • TonyInSF Level 1 Level 1
    I think the server just came back up a couple minutes ago. Just got a slew of notifications about postings to this thread.
  • Tetsugin Level 1 Level 1
    My .mac mail is all messed up today. Telling me that my certificate isn't valid. I followed the help trail, did what it says, still no luck. We have another mac in the house (I'm the administrator) and my son set up his desktop icon this morning for mac mail on HIS computer. Now MY mac mail on my computer is screwed up, telling me a mac account already exists. AHHH going crazy trying to problem solve.

    Could it be that it's just .mac mail today?
  • TonyInSF Level 1 Level 1
    Oops. Just went down again!
  • owllight Level 1 Level 1
    I can get mail through web mail, too, and my Ocean (phone) will get .mac mail...but not Mail, nope, times out every time. Must be on their end.