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"Jobs revealed that Apple plans to release a new version of iTunes on Wednesday evening that will support the products that are being announced today"

This Wednesday? As in today? Where is it? My iTunes says 7.3.2 is the latest version. Or did I miss something? Wow, my 2 month old 4gig iPhone is obsolete and now no iTunes update. The sky IS falling!

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    Jobs didn't say "tonight"...some media picked that up and said tonight. I listened to the keynote this afternoon and he said "sometime next week"
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    no the iTunes update is suppose to be tonight, the ringtones feature is suppose to be turned on sometime this week and the iTunes Wifi store is later this month...
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    Does everyone see that there are still 4.5 hours left of today if you're in Cupertino? And well more than that if you interpret "tonight" as meaning "some time before you get up tomorrow morning"?

    Everyone calm down, please. The update will be there. And if the function isn't going to be turned on until next week, who cares if the iTunes update happens right now?
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    The quote was "this evening", which is just about over, even in Cali. And really, it was just a "tongue-in-check" post. Just to get something different than the upset "200 dollar price cut people". I too feel a little wronged, but, it's not the first, nor will it be the last time I'm sure. I'm sure they'll (Apple) make it up, somehow.