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Downloaded 7.4 this morning expecting to buy ringtones but the ringtone icon in itunes isnt there. When i sync my phone the ringtones tab is there but i have no way to make my ringtones? Anyone have the same problem or how i can fix it? I Restarted and even re downloaded it and still no luck.

cube, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I have the same problem! Please help. Exact same problem.
  • conncr Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    In his keynote yesterday, Steve said that feature would be "turned on next week".
    It would seem you need to wait for a few days, and then it should work.

  • Marc Posner Level 4 Level 4 (1,150 points)
    to further...

    There is another thread where someone searched for "ringtones" in the iTunes Store, created a ringtone and then sync'd it via a 3rd party software. However, the file was deleted from iTunes.

    So, it's apparently possible to get to the ringtones on iTunes, but I'm not sure if it's something that's worth doing at this point.
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    Just got off the phone with tech support for Apple, they have no clue. Is there any confirmation that the feature has not been "turned on" as of yet or are people actually creating ringtones, with 7.4??
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    Forget all that talk about even seeing the ringtones in iTunes store. I am getting the feeling that the entire feature once it works will only be for "ringtone enabled" songs purchased from iTunes. Like some kind of DRM or other tech encoded into the track. Meaning that one can not take either a song they already own, or even some piece of music, sound, or perhaps something one even records using say the built in mic on a macbook and then enable their own ringtone from that. Wouldn't that be the whole point? Not to make it so that the only way to get custom ring tones is to buy something. Seems anti-apple's "empowering creatives" mantra to the core.

    Please someone tel me I'm wrong, and that this is not a sign that since Apple Computer became Apple Inc. they switched from empowering people to be creative on their own, to make it so the only way people can get what they want is to please Apple stock owners with increased sales, bottom line, etc.
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    Jobs said specifically that you had to pay 99cents per song that you turn into a ringtone. this means you are paying for the privilege to have that song as a ringtone. it also means that you will not be able to make ringtones froms songs that are not labeled as ringtone available songs. any homemade/burned tracks will not be able to use the ringtones feature as a result.
  • Marc Posner Level 4 Level 4 (1,150 points)
    ... at least not via iTunes. That doesn't mean that people won't be able to reverse engineer the ringtone format used by iTunes and then be able to use iTunes to load them onto the iPhone.
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    I asked the same question in another thread. Dave Sawyer kindly answered that this feature will not show-up in iTunes until the iTunes Store starts selling "ringtones".

    I thought it was a problem with my install of iTunes at first. I get the same result on all computers I have access to (PowerBook, iBook, Acer (XP), Dell (XP). It's not a glitch. We just need to wait for the store to start selling ringtones.

    I hope this helps. Thanks to Dave for confirming.
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    You actually CAN see the icon in the store... but no songs seem to work as of yet.
    Here's how you can see the ringtone icon:

    1 - Go to itunes store
    2 - Click on an album on the homepage
    3 - The page is now split in two: the top has a blue BG the bottom is a list. Right click on the header of any columns in the list. A list of available columns to view will popup. Choose "Ringtone".

    See.. it's there.