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Hello all.

I did a reset of my 5G 80G iPod by pressing the 'Menu' and the *Centre of the Click Wheel*. The iPod as usual should reset/restart with the black screen/silver Apple logo lights up for a while then back to the Main Menu.

But this was not the case this time, *the Apple logo screen just kept lighting up for a while and dim...* it continues to be like this even I place it in the Dock plug into the Mac. *iTunes, Disk Utility etc cannot see the iPod so I cannot perform a restore.* And the iPod is getting a bit warmer because of this strange trap loop...

*So what can I do* before I think I have to send it in for repair?

Thanks and cheers

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  • PhillyPhan Level 5 Level 5
    See if you can deplete the battery (should take 24 hours). Then, recharge for an hour and try again.
  • howwow Level 4 Level 4
    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately nope it didn't help. When seemed the iPod is depleted of its battery when I plugged it in, it gets charge up and the (lit) on and off of the Apple logo screen just continues...

    It's OK, tomorrow I will bring it down to the Apple Store and have them fix it, I suspect its the hard disk that has been corrupted or damaged, because at times when I pressed the reser "combi" buttons, I don't feel the slight vibrations like in the past...

    I might just get a new nano if they are in the store...

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    I am having a similar problem with my 4th generation iPOD. You should be able to get iTunes to recognize your iPOD if you put it into diskmode. On mine if you hold down the "Select" and "Play" at the same time for 5-6 seconds it puts it into diskmode (You can do this with the apple logo flashing). You can then do restore in iTUNES. This may work for you, but it didn't for me. The iPOD has to restart after the restore and as soon as it was restarted it got stuck in the restart loop again (apple logo flashing). Now when iTunes detects the iPOD iTunes tells me it has, "detected an iPOD in recovery mode. You must restore this iPOD before it can be used with iTunes." (I've tried to restore about 4 times now)

    If you find a fix for yours, please let me know what it is and I will let you know if I find a fix for mine.
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    I'm having a similar issue with my 5th-generation 80GB iPod. I press the center button and it refuses to get beyond the icon screen. After pressing it over and over again, it does finally start up.

    I took it back to the Apple store where I bought it and even though it's only three weeks old they refused to exchange it for another one.

    When I called Apple Customer Service, the technician on the phone said "it's normal to have to press the center button several times" to get the iPod to come on. Are they kidding me?
  • Christian Raymond Level 1 Level 1
    the disk mode should solve your problem.


    It's funny that tech support doesn't seem to know about this...

    My iPod was stuck on the apple logo because of a messed up playlist in iTunes. It turns out i got a playlist of 65000 songs ( and i still dont know how my sons did this...)

    hope this helps
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    Hi CallmePaco and everyone,

    Yes the Disk Mode works for my 80G iPod... while in the Dock I did exactly what you have said, pressed Centre & Bottom Clickwheel together and the screen changed from the silver Apple to a smaller (not the usual big red Cross icon) cross icon and a 'disk mode' text.

    Anyway, from there, iTunes was able to mount the iPod and I did a complete restore. So now the iPod should be back in working order!

    I must say of all the iPods I have owner, (this is my 2nd 5th Gen video iPod) this is the first time I encounter such "serious" problem, luckily I can DIY and solve it, without bringing it to the store of AppleCare to fix it.

    Thanks all and cheers