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my Iphone has no power at all, I dont know what to do! please help

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    You haven't given a lot of information to work with, but here goes.

    If the phone is completely out of power, you may need to leave it plugged in for 10-20 minutes before anything even appears on the screen.

    If you have been charging longer than that and have gotten nothing, are you using the wall charger? Some people, myself included, have had the wall charger units go bad suddenly. Try plugging it into the computer USB port instead.

    When plugging it into the computer USB port, be sure you are using a port directly on the computer and that the computer is turned on. Ports on keyboards, monitors, or hubs are sometimes unable to charge your phone, and ports on computers usually will not charge if the computer is turned off.
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    It may be that the phone "appears" to have no power.

    Does it synch okay?

    Does the computer recognize it?

    What was happening just before this happened? Did it suddenly lose power?

    You might try performing a reset by holding the power and home buttons.
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    Hi, i just have the same problem, like last night i was using my iphone as normal and then at the end of the night my battery die, so i plug the charger to the iphone and nothing happend, like i plug it to the wall charger for like 20 minutes and then nothing happen,later i plug it to my laptop for a long time and nothing happend either, so can somebody pleace help me.

    the bad thing is that there is not apple stores around my area.
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    did you figure out what happened