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The latest version of quicktime for windows *****! I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times now(each time deleting the old quicktime version as well as any leftover installer), and the frakin thing does not work anymore after about 3 or 4 days! I mean it won't even update!! There is a problem that is not aknowleged by Apple with this release somewhere. People can say what they want about Microsoft, but at least they deal with such issues! Needless to say, I am fed up with this Apple software, but I prefer the picture viewer over anything I have seen. It is my only reason for even having quicktime! I have defragged, removed old files and all the rest. But I WILL NOT reformat my hard drive over this issue.

Presario, Windows XP, Service Pack 2
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    I'm having the same issues. Also, there is no support with this company. I'm beginning to think I've been ripped off. They can be certain that I won't be buying anything else from them. If this issue can't be resolved, I'm even getting rid of the iTunes. Napster is easier to use, anyway.

    I did notice that their policy is no refunds on downloaded material.