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Ok you experts out there, I have a question that I hope will help myself and other new owners of the iPhone or iPod Nano.

Not having owned either before, I was surprised to find that it was necessary to connect to the iTunes program in order to delete songs. I would have thought Apple in it's infinite wisdom would have designed a song delete feature into the iPhone or iPod Nano. Yes I know we can (and are asked) by the iPhone if we want to keep or delete a video/podcast after viewing. However the songs are what I'm concerned about. Having to connect to iTunes and delete from our playlists, then required to sync so that the main computer and the iPhone or iPod Nano can then sync the songs seems (to me at least) a little more lenghty a process than to simply be able to delete from the device itself. Am I the only one that feels that way (sure hope not)?

If I'm missing something or anyone has some tips and tricks to delete songs quicker from either device, I would appreciate hearing about them and maybe some other owners of the iPhone or iPod Nano might also!

Thank you
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    The iPhone does not support what is called disk mode in order to manually add/remove songs from a connected iPod but this still requires an iPod that supports disk mode to be connected.

    There has never been a manually delete function for deleting music directly from an iPod.

    I'm not sure what would be gained by doing so - a little time maybe but not much. To add more music to take the place of music that was manually deleted from an iPod if this was available would still require being connected to your computer and iTunes.
  • Just J Level 2 Level 2
    I wonder if the wireless iTunes store will change that. Now, you might just need to be able to delete songs from an iPod/iPhone in order to make room for a wireless purchase.
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    Allan and Just J, Thank you both for answering my question!
    Allan, since I got my wife a Nano at the same time that I got the iPhone (yes pretty good deal for me - haha) we grabbed a bunch of CD's and put them in the library of iTunes the quick way by just saying yes to copy the whole CD. Yes I know we can select then drag and drop tothe library and only the ones we select would be copied. But she (and I actually) couldn't remember some of the song titles and didn't want to take the time to listen a little to select them. All of this thinking we might delete them later from our respective devices. Not knowing that was not a function. Oh Well..... lesson learned. But I had to come out here and ask the experts to see if there was somthing I was missing.
    Just J, Your right ther may be a need when using the wi-fi sales, to free up space. but if not a movie, I don't know if people would run out of space and need to free up. But we'll see. As for me, Naaaahh, I don't think I will run into that problem with 4gb and her having 8gb.

    Well again , thank you both!
  • wsnid Level 1 Level 1
    The iPhone and iPod touch are perfect devices to add this feature to and to correct the way the Keep/Delete for videos works.

    1. Keep/Delete doesn't work if you have iTunes set to sync only checked items, I delete on the iphone and it comes back at the next sync, silly. Maybe instead of keep/delete, it should be keep/unsync, and choosing to unsync removes it from the iphone and at the next sync it unchecks it

    2. I'm horrible at knowing song names/artists, etc, and i have a bad memory. As someone who appreciates the excellent design of the iphone, I would think that a feature to deselect a song at the time you hear it on the iphone would be an obvious feature to include. If I'm out and about and wont be back to the computer for a while, I'm going to #1 - forget that I even wanted to remove a song and #2 - even if I did remember, I don't want to be sorting through thousands of songs in itunes to uncheck the one I don't care to have on my iphone anymore? Like the other guy, I import whole CD's because I want them on my home network, but on my iphone I only want the songs I enjoy (I always listen with shuffle mode).

    Come on Apple - you've got thousands of non-mac/new to apple users, give us what we think should be built in and intuitive, maybe we'll switch to mac.
  • pennieann Level 1 Level 1
    Exactly why I have not purchased an ipod yet....know they will have a better/faster way to add/delete songs rather than sitting in front of a computer. Do have an iphone, however, and it is a wonderful tool (don't yet use it for music). am