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Tom Gates2 Level 1 Level 1
I just submitted a series of podcasts but the artist name is incorrect. I simply used GargageBand and iWeb for everything. How do I change the artist name on iTunes? I know it has to do with what iTunes reads from the feed, but how do I simply send an update to iTunes of new info?


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  • epontius Level 3 Level 3
    The podcast author and episode artist fields come from the <itunes:author> tag in the XML feed file. You might look through the options you have available in garage band and iWeb.
    Here's an example episode <item> tag from the iTunes podcast tech spec http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/podcaststechspecs.html#example

    <title>Shake Shake Shake Your Spices</title>
    <itunes:author>John Doe</itunes:author>
    <itunes:subtitle>A short primer on table spices</itunes:subtitle>
    <itunes:summary>This week we talk about salt and pepper shakers, comparing and contrasting pour rates, construction materials, and overall aesthetics. Come and join the party!</itunes:summary>
    <enclosure url="http://example.com/podcasts/everything/AllAboutEverythingEpisode3.m4a" length="8727310" type="audio/x-m4a" />
    <pubDate>Wed, 15 Jun 2005 19:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
    <itunes:keywords>salt, pepper, shaker, exciting</itunes:keywords>

    In this case "John Doe" would show up in the artist column for this podcast episode.

  • Tom Gates2 Level 1 Level 1
    I understand that part...I guess I'm asking how to fix it in iWeb. There is no info in the iWeb forums on this. Should I re-submit the podcast? Did I miss a text field when sending the podcast to iTunes? Anyone out there have a similar problem?
  • epontius Level 3 Level 3
    Don't re-submit the podcast, you'll either end up with a duplicate, a rejected podcast or risk having your original podcast removed...
    Almost everything about your podcast's iTunes directory page and episodes can be changed by changing fields in the podcast's XML (the feed).
    The problem with these automatic podcast feed generators is that often they do not expose enough of the actual XML code or any of its options to you. It's basically choosing and writing the code itself based on what it thinks you need. I find it kind of ironic that Apple's own software isn't writing a proper feed that allows you to have control over those kinds of options for their own iTunes podcasting code.
    I'm not familiar enough with iWeb to know where it is trying to get that artist name information to populate those fields. It is a possibility that is it trying to grab it from information embedded in the audio files itself (ie. mp3 ID4 tags), and if the artist name and such doesn't exist it populates the feed with "unknown."

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    Hi. I produce my podcasts in Garageband and iWeb as well. The way to change the Artist Name is to go back in to the podcast in Garageband.
    1. Double click the Podcast Track header. The first track located at the very top. The right side of the podcast preview window shows the episode info pane.
    2. Click Artist to enter your the new name. You can also edit the other fields. (i.e. image, title, parental advisory, and description)
    3. Save the pocast
    4. Share to iWeb
    5. From iWeb save the new site
    6. Re-publish to .Mac

    Hope this helps!
  • Tom Gates2 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the step by step. However that didn't change the artist of the podcast. The artist name is correct in each individual podcast, but in the main heading next to the artwork, the artist is still listed as unknown.
  • imatrimony Level 1 Level 1
    When you submitted the podcast to iTunes from iWeb. The wizard should have allowed you the insert the Artist Name. It was on the same form where you input the image, podcast title, etc. Did you add it in at that time?