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I have inconsistent second short drop outs 1 sec into the tune. The counter resets and music resumes after what I estimate to be 1 second, though not from the very beginning of the tune, but from the point where the drop out occurred. This behavior repeated itself for several consecutive tunes during a normal album playback. I can then step back (<<) and have the phenomena reproduced several times and step back repeatedly w/o any drop out.
My nano is 16GB, file format ALAC (converted from FLACs) which play just fine in iTunes (and intermittently in the nano as described above).
My earphones are Etymotic and they work just fine. I have also taken great care during testing not to move anything to sort out any loose connections thou I think those seem very unlikely from the nature of the behavior. My earphones work flawlessly with an iPod mini.

Powermac Dual 2 GB G5 + PB 12 1,33 GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    As I reread my post I find there may be some obscurities. The drop outs always occur after 1 sec. They do not need to occur in the same tune but they can often be reproduced by repeating (pushing << on the click wheel) the same tune several times. They can occur in consecutive tunes during normal playback tune-after-tune. They can go on for 3-4 (less or maybe more) consecutive tunes in the exact same manner. OTH: a tune with a drop out could then suddenly be played w/o hiccup.
    In iTunes the songs play just fine.
    All of this behavior make me suspect a software bug. Am I the only one having this problem? Any ideas??
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    Sorta bump!
    The sound drop outs continue in the exact described manner as above, despite todays update and a reset.
    I've just read one post having kinda my problem but in his case after 17 secs. I have a hard time to believe other than that this is a SW-problem and not any fabrication problem.
    I DON'T want to leave my nano to an authorized dealer - no apple-stores here - and be awy with it for weeks not even hoping it will return in the exact same condition (apart for some scratch).
    Any followers in the drop out crowd?
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    Hi gruncho,

    I am also having a drop out problem. Like you, about 1 second into a song. Seems to happen after the Nano has been off for awhile. It only seems to happen on the first song, then everything else plays fine.

    I will try to use your method to see if it is deterministically reproducible. My wife also has a 3G Nano, so I am going to test hers to see if she has the problem as well. She hasn't complained about it, so I'm guessing that it isn't happening to her.

    Either way, I am going to do the testing tonight and I'll report back in an hour or so.
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    Just tested on my wife's Nano as well as mine. Both exhibit the problem. It seems to happen just once to us when starting the Nano after it has been dormant for awhile. Then everything plays perfectly. Weird.

    I looked on the iLounge forums and someone stated that after the software update 1.0.1, a sync of your Nano clears up the problem. It's worth a shot. I'll check it out and report back.
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    Maybe it didn't come out as clear but before posting I did the update and to be sure also a factory reset: no go! My dropout-problem persists. The drop outs have nothing to do with light up of the display and I can see no pattern whatsoever, only that they are FREQUENT and ANNOYING!
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    Found some other people on the forum with the same problem:


    Could photo syncing be the issue?
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    I also have the same problem. I browse very oftenly through Coverflow and change a new song each time the previous one is finish... and i have this problem like once per 3 songs... always at the beggining of the song... just before the power of the screen go out.
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    exactly the same problem.
    waiting for an update
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    I can tell for sure it can't have anything to do with screen power-ons as drop outs occur in most tunes even thou it's playing locked in my pocket. The nano is because of this annoyance more or less unusable
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    Some people say photo syncing could be the issue... and i have decided this morning to remove all photo and the photo syncing. And guess what... No problem at all today! Is this a coincidence? I don't know, but this is pretty strange!
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    Not in my case. I've tried playing from album, artist, cover flow no go. Neither "unsyncing" photo, movies etc.
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    I don't have any photos on my nano, yet I still have the same problem after 1.0.2
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    Maybe if everybody on all of these threads notifies Apple of this bug then they'll take notice. Submit feedback here: