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I have a new 8G Iphone. I have attempted to pair it to my car's onboard bluetooth, or uconnect device without success. It's interesting to note that my wife's Blackberry and my son's Samsung paired just fine. My car's device asked for a password that I set. I don't believe there is a special passcode that I used when setting up the other phones. If it matters, it's a 2008 Dodge Avenger. Any troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I have a 2008 Sebring. I phone pairs using U Connect Set Up pair a phone but U Connect dials says it is connecting & drops the call but call is active on i phone as well as caller id at receiving home phone .All scans by service are error free.Wonder if they really are compatible?
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    Sorry I'm not quire sure of your question, but you will need a passcode for pairing the iPhone to the car's bluetooth - all such pairings require one. You should find the passcode needed in the car's instructions somewhere. It needs a code to prevent unwanted stray pairings with other BT devices.

    For mine (A Toyo rather than Dodge) the code was 1111. Once you have the code from the manual, enable BT on the iPhone and it'll search for devices. When it finds the car, it will ask for the passcode. Enter it and it should pair correctly and re-pair automatically every time you start the car while your iPhone is on and has BT enabled.

    Apologies if I misunderstood the question and have just repeated something you already knew!
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    Yes. You understood my question. I will try to find a passcode in my manual and try again. I will follow-up with a note of success, or not.
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    I too have an 8 gig Iphone that does not like Bluetooth (BT).
    Using a headset does yield a bit of static, with leads me to believe it's from a weak BT signal. I have a 2005 Acura RL the Iphone paired with the pass code and all without a problem. With a strong signal, when trying to make a call it will dial and then hang up, in addition to that I discovered that (of course) it was the phones BT signal that's weak because it won't stay paired. My car is designed to support up to 6 different BT profiles and if one drops offline it will search for another in the stored profiles.

    Starting off with the Iphone (not trying to make a call) just BT linked to the car, several miles later I hear the BT signal drop and was picked up by my secondary phone. When I push a button (on my car) and told it "Next Phone" it finds the Iphone and tells me it's linked (and the link then transfers from the other phone). I then try to make a call and the car announces that "no phone available for (I named it) “Iphone” but when I tell it “next phone” the car finds the secondary phone, links it and works as usual. This has happened several times. When I did get two calls (not the same day) before it disconnected also got static and lots of it.
    I'm new to this forum so if anyone knows or has the email address to where I can provide more detailed information of BT tests and results. Please let me know.