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Rio Bravo C.M.D. Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
I have been having similar experiences to other users for the last week. i.e. iPod frozen, not recognisied in iTunes, sad face icon etc. Needless to say I have also doen a lot of scooting the net looking for a fix. I finally managed to find one.

I must point out this will probably not be liked by Apple or be covered by your warranty, but it has worked for me.

Go to

http://www.crunchgear.com/2007/03/05/crunchgear-how-to-fix-an-ipod-that-wont-boo t/

Seriously you won't believe how it is fixed but it works (for me at least)

Dell Dimension 5150, Windows XP Pro, iPod 4th Gen Click Wheel
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    Hello Rio Bravo C.M.D.!

    While we are appreciative of you for linking us to some tips, I must point out that this and other methods have been repeated posted on these forums.
  • Rio Bravo C.M.D. Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I spent a few days searching the forums and couldn't find a fix for my problem and. There were also a lot of people with the same problem who couldn't find help. So here's an idea for you - I'm just thinking outside the box here a little you know - how about instead of wasting time berating me for trying to help people why don't you tell them where the help is? Do you not think that would be a better use of your time? Mind you, that would mean doing something positive wouldn't it??
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    Hey there, I sorry to hear about that, in fact, I share your pain.

    I have a 40GB Ipod w/ the clickwheel ( the first ones to come out!)

    Recently Mine just suddenly "forgot" all of my songs, I don't think I lost any of them cause in the About Section it says I have zero songs, but the capacity of it still marks like as if it still had all of it in there...

    Since its out of the Service Warranties and repair coverage, I am asking anyone to please give me any suggestions idea, and/ or help because I know my songs are in there and I don't want to lose them(I don't have them on my PC since I would get the songs from my friends pc!!!)

    Also sometimes it would give me the folder with an "!" when I turn it on, but right now that hasn't popped- up since... Now it just doesn't show the songs on my Ipod, and I'm afraid to connect it to my Pc since I fear of losing all of my songs.
    Please Help! Thanks in Advance!

    Nicolas Villar