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I just upgraded to an iPod Classic 160. I have a lot of Podcasts - both video and audio.

I can download them with no problem. I can see them in the contents pane in iTunes for my computer. I can play them in iTunes and I can sync them with my new iPod (apparently).

However, they do NOT show up on my iPod. The new contents screen shows No Podcasts. When I do a search for them they show up as songs and I can heard the video podcast soundtracks.

In iTunes with my iPod connected they show up under both the iTunes directory and in the iPod Directory immediately after syncing. However, if I eject and then reconnect the iPod, upon reconnection they no longer show up in iTunes in the iPod directory.

I am assuming this is a bug with either iTunes 7.4.x in the way it categorizes Podcasts or it is an OS issue with the iPod. I have the latest versions of iTunes, the latest SW and Firmware updates for the iPod and have rebooted to assure that the latest versions are the ones running.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone find a solution?


Gateway, Windows XP