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Have posted about this over in the iPhone forum as well, but wanted to see if anyone has run into this here as well. After the installation of iTunes 7.4.1, all my mailboxes have disappeared from the sync window in iTunes. Mail itself seems to be working just fine, but iTunes no longer sees any of my mailboxes. Suggestions welcome.

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    Solved for now. Steps to solve:
    1. Backup/export and then quit iTunes, Mail, AB, and iCal;
    2. Remove all preferences for each app, all components in Application Support for each app, and obliterate every sync service support file that can be deleted;
    3. Reboot (in my case three times, YMMV);
    4. Possibly restore iPhone to original settings (in my case, I left iTunes running for about two hours open to the "Info" tab window of my iPhone, and then the Mail accounts re-appeared).

    Perhaps this is all voodoo and it didn't really make a differemce. But the Mail accounts are back. Unfortunately, I am still caught in the endless cycle loop of contacts and calendars.
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    Well, I thought this was resolved. It returned for no obvious reason that I can determine. I swear, the flakiness of iTunes 7.4.1 is ridiculous.