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I can't seem to add any files to my library. I've tried both "add file/folder" options in the File menu as well as drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer. There's never an error message or anything. Nothing happens, the add file/folder window will close like it's supposed to but the file I select doesn't get added. When I try to drag-and-drop, my mouse icon turns into a little circle with a slash through it. Any suggestions? I've tried restarting iTunes, restarting my computer, and running iTunes as administrator. I'm out of ideas.

Dell Inspiron E1505, Windows Vista
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    Go into Windows Explorer and find a song file. Right-click it, choose "Open With" and then choose "iTunes."

    -If the file is compatible with iTunes, it will play and it will be added to your library.

    -If the file is not compatible with iTunes, nothing will happen.

    Try it on a few files and let us know.
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    Do you know how long it would take loading 60gig 1 song at a time? I'm having problems with "add folder to library" under 'file'. It only sees one subfolder in my music folder. If i go in the music file, open a band's subfolder, i can play songs out of there in iTunes. But iTunes still doesn't see that same file under 'add folder to library' Why? It was fine before I updated iTunes.
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    +Do you know how long it would take loading 60gig 1 song at a time?+

    Yes I do. That was not what I was recommending.

    On these "can't add songs" complaints, it is important to distinguish between "can't add because the song is incompatible" vs "can't add because something is wrong with the add process." Both problems occur.

    "Add Folder to Library" has been known to suffer bugs. For example, it often fails on large adds. Given that your problem occurred after an update, iTunes may well have some new bug that prevents it from finding all subfolders, which seems to be what you are describing. It is not what the OP was describing.

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    Having the same issue. Trying to import some converted *.m4v files to play on the iPod and only 1 of the 3 files uploads. When trying to upload the other 2, nothing happens.
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    I really only have the one video file that isn't already in iTunes, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't compatible. It's an .avi, which I thought iTunes supported, but I guess not, so I'm busy converting it.
    I wish they would have an error message come up to tell you that the problem is with compatibility.
    Thanks for your help.
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    I have downloaded and installed iTunes.It was operationg successfuly for some time... I imported music from my computer and transfered it to my iPod. But after a while "recently added" item disappeared from my Playlist. Now I have problems with searching and transferring songs from my playlist to iPod, 'cause my Playlist is messy and when I'm addind a new folder to the library, my new songs appear together with the old ones, thus it's difficult to find new songs among hundred of old songs. How can I add "recently added" item to my Playlist?
    Tnaks in advance.
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    +I wish they would have an error message come up to tell you that the problem is with compatibility.+

    Caline - That is exactly the problem. And if the file is incompatible you can add file or add folder or drag it or drop it or kick it, it ain't gonna add until you convert it to a compatible format. Anyway, glad to be of help

    +How can I add "recently added" item to my Playlist?+

    Nina - File > New Smart Playlist and set the fields to "Date Added," "is in the last" "4" "weeks."