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Hi, In Excel it is simple to add dates or times (eg start time + duration = end time) but this doesn't work in numbers and I can't see a way round it. Am I missing something?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10), Numbers Version 1.0
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    search the forum for Date, I got almost 400 returned items (many of them are most likely responses to other posts, but it answers your question completely and in much more detail than one response can cover.

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    treats widely of the question.

    I will shorten it.

    In Numbers we can't add date and times. It's a pity but we have to live with it for some months.
    Happily if the startig time is in B2 and duration is in C2 we may compute the ending time (in decimal representation) thru:
    to get the current display:

    E2 =INT(D24)&":"&RIGHT("00"&INT((D2-INT(D2))*60);2)

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mercredi 12 septembre 2007 23:10:1)
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    If you convert your time values into fractions of a 24 hour period (or fractions of a day), you can add times. 1 hour = 1/24, etc...


    Example Highlighted:

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    just adding two time values just works for me, but don't try it with subtracting a third value
    interestingly adding a third value just works - and also corrects the cell format ???? see below:

    A B C D E
    3 Start End Pause Hours given formula
    4 08:30 17:00 00:30 09:00 B3-A3+A4
    5 00:30 0,4 B3-A3 (strange format, D5 is set to HH:MM)
    6 Error B3-A3-C3

    I think, Apple has to "finish" the time-handling in Numbers.
    This is sad, because you need those handling e.g. for time-tracking sheets.

    ~ Markus
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    I think I found a problem with your formula.

    E4 reads: B3-A3+A4 and is also missing the "=" from the start of the formula.

    B3 reads: End
    A3 reads: Start

    I think E4 should read: =B4-A4+A5

    E4 with the modified code would give an answer of 9:00 willingly
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    I believe Numbers needs parenthesis placed for the date & time values to calculate properly.

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    handling dates and times is programming 101. it's not that hard. in fact we expect 10 year olds to master it. i fail to see why numbers can't. can we also have an insert date/time function please in the menu. i expect it to be fixed first update.a complete set of date functions including number of days, hours, minutes, seconds whatever for forward, backward analysis or calculations please.
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    handling dates and times is programming 101.

    Then think of how much money you can make for yourself by doing it right!

    in fact we expect 10 year olds to master it.

    Ah, but Numbers isn't even 1 yet....

    i expect it to be fixed first update.

    Sorry, missed that one already.

    Did this really seem a cogent argument?
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    go to "Provide Numbers Feedback" in the "Numbers" menu and describe what you wish !

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mardi 9 octobre 2007 07:55:37)
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    sorry, just forgot to copy the '='. The formula is correct.

    E4 is 09:00
    E6 is an error, only difference is the '-' instead of '+'

    ~ Markus
  • Markus Guske1 Level 2 (150 points)

    of course, and I already did
    Hope we'll see an update soon.

    ~ Markus
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    Your request is not a bug correction but a new feature, so my guess is that a responce will not be available before iwork'09.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mardi 9 octobre 2007 12:37:52)