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I am a current Pro Tools user and am curious if any of you here are former Pro Tools users and if you can explain why you like Logic better than Pro Tools if so.

Also, what interface do most of you use? I have a MBox Pro 2 interface that I am assuming perhaps that I can use with Logic, if I wanted to go that route.

iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10), 2.1ghz, 1gb Ram, 20" iMac
  • hbjhbj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm a long-time user of both. Just got LP8 up and happening this morning.

    If they'd done Logic to its potential, this would be worth looking at for you. But there are no must-have new features, mostly it's a cosmetic upgrade.

    Logic does MIDI much better, and handles loops better. But with audio its miles behind PT and many other DAWs.

    But I use it daily for songwriting stuff.
  • Hi I'm A Mac Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    A lot bummed besides the price drop - no cutting edge drum module like digi strike.
  • Eric Dhumez Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    I also use both.
    Logic is good and PT is good too. The best one is the one that you like best and fits your needs and does not crash often. With Logic I use an RME Fireface 800. With PT I use a 96i/o.
    FYI: The new Logic Studio supports DAE hardware.

  • 7arzosa@Ztudio Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    There is nothing like Logic Pro 7.2 NOT 8 ( Logic Pro 8 is just a Garage band meets Logic Express, or better yet, garage band on Steroids). Well enough about that.& nothing like ProTools, we have been using this in the studios for over many years.
    This is how it is used, seen, and acclaimed

    Logic Pro 7 is the best for Composing (writing) and for production.
    Pro Tools, is the best for engineering, recording etc etc
    Simple, and simply the best combination in the Field.
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    I have had RADAR, TASCAM SX1, Logic Pro, and PT LE MBox, as well as multitrack tape machines. At this point I only have Logic Pro 7 and a RADAR. I gave away the PT/Mbox to a person who just graduated from engineering school and sold the SX1. I don't use the tape machines but emotionally can't part with them. I don't use MIDI much and simply use Logic Pro for recording and engineering. It took a while for me to get really comfortable with Logic Pro and now it seems very simple, Now I prefer it over the RADAR (there is nothing that is simpler than RADAR). If anybody wants to say that any of the major platforms sound better and handle audio signal better than the other thats fine but I don't believe it!

    I use Apogee converters. Needless to say, Apogee and Apple fit together like a hand in glove. I couldn't be happier. I use a hybrid mixing approach utilizing an analog board with lots of outboard gear and also enjoy mixing totally inside of the box-- whatever works. I like Logic Pro and find some of the plugins to be great and some not so great for my taste. It took me a while to open my mind to the Logic plugins because I have some respectable racks of premium outboard gear. I initially could accept that right inside the stock box of Logic Pro there could be great EQs, effects, and dynamics.
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    There is nothing like Logic Pro 7.2 NOT 8 ( Logic Pro 8 is just a Garage band meets Logic Express, or better yet, garage band on Steroids). Well enough about that.& nothing like ProTools, we have been using this in the studios for over many years.

    You keep saying things like this, but:
    a) You haven't used the software.
    b) Logic has always been GB on steroids as GB is built on Logic's code. Logic 8 has all the same features that 7.2 has, it's just organized and streamlined better. Not to mention that there are some new enhancements and features. If all the bugs have been worked out then you have a real contender for Pro Tools.

    And don't forget the price. You can get a symphony system, a Mac pro, and Logic Studio for a fraction of what it costs to get a Pro Tools HD rig. With the same or BETTER latency to boot.

    It's true that Pro Tools has always been considered the app for recording and Logic for composing, but there has been a lot of talk that Logic sounds better (seriously! do a search on this forum and the Pro Tools one...I'll try to find a link later). Since this is a major re-write, I think the new add on features everyone is missing will be right around the corner. I think Pro Tools is in trouble.

  • 7arzosa@Ztudio Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Hey Brah, nice to see you in this neck of the woods,, Yes and guess what ?! I agree with you, I don't think, I see and Know ProTools is in trouble, and more that The Steroids dude(LP8) is new on the block.
    I will always stay with LOgic,all thou it was hard to really get around and Patch the issues currently with LP7. so we shall see the STEROIDS dude in action, shall we?!
  • xs4is Level 4 Level 4 (2,800 points)
    I'm looking forward to it!

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4 (1,785 points)
    I'd ignore any idiotic comments about 8 from people who haven't used it.

    I just don't get the logic behind saying 7 is better than 8. From what I've seen so far, it seems like many things have been added and improved, and I've yet to find anything removed.

    Is this some sort of masochistic uglier=better logic?
  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4 (1,785 points)
    "there are no must-have new features, mostly it's a cosmetic upgrade."

    You don't consider sample accurate audio editing anything but a cosmetic upgrade? Really?
  • stootka Level 2 Level 2 (280 points)
    ..Well I know 6 has always been afraid of 7....You know why?

    Because 7, 8, 9! HA ha..get it..

    seven, ate, nine!

    can you tell I have a four year old...My L8 arrives TODAY! I can't wait.

    Love ya,
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    Hey Qwerbilzak,

    "...But with audio its miles behind PT and many other DAWs. "

    That is exactly what i was wondering. I'm a Cubase 3 user who records mostly Audio, I only use Fxpansion for BFD, but as I just found out, BFD currently will not work with LP8 and I'll have to buy BFD 2.

    Anyways, as I buy my new iMac or Mac Pro I have to consider if I upgrade to Cubase 4 or change to LP8. But if LP8 is that bad with Audio I'll rather upgrade to C4.

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    The advantages of Logic:

    1. It does practically everything ProTools can do and it does these things very well
    2. It does a heck of a lot more that ProTools can't touch. Much more flexible.
    3. Searchable custom key commands. Instant screen sets. Fast navigation.
    4. A full suite of impressive plugins, instruments, loops and other content.
    5. It is compatible with almost any hardware - including Digi USB, FW and TDM (although I would recommend RME and other brands for value, sound quality, engineering and reliability)
    6. I have not run out of processing power in the last few years since track freezing came on line.
    6. It is much more affordable to purchase and upgrade. You are not locked in to a huge investment in a closed system.

    I do own ProTools because I need to submit or receive some projects in Digidesign format (as well as OMF - which has never been satisfactorily implimented in Logic). I find I can't work productively in ProTools only because my brain is too wired for Logic. This is the same problem ProTools engineers have with Logic: their brains are wired for ProTools. Both programs are similar - in that to get the most out of them you really need to know them thoroughly (like any tool) - and you have to have the workflow, architecture and key commands embedded in your grey matter. Maybe some people can do this successfully across both platforms. But I say, pick one and stick with it as your main axe.

    I really don't see why some people propagate the perception that Logic is not as good as ProTools - or other apps - for audio recording, editing and production. That is complete nonsense. I've used it to record and mix award-winning albums and soundtracks. I also do film sound editing and sound design in Logic. Pro Tools folks DO think I'm crazy... (we inevitably mix in ProTools - its the standard after all) until they hear and see what I'm doing... then they shut up. Of course, I also use Logic to score music for films. It is crazy what this program can do! If you do more than one thing in the audio world - then Logic is the most tempting single DAW going. Once you get to know it - its like riding a bike - Logic can take you places. It can be immensely productive and intuitive and allow you to do a lot of really heavy - and different - stuff. There are now lots of great and affordable audio hardware and software tools available to us as artists. I think Logic is the most comprehensive and all-encompassing audio production suite around - at any price.

    As for the Digidesign product, I don't have anything against Pro Tools, but I do know plenty of ProTools engineers who do! Of course, equal numbers swear by it as at it - just like Logic! But this 100% stability myth is a bit of a delusion. I've seen ProTools crash in the middle of album mixes and film mixes - or fail to load properly (very exciting) or reach the limits of what its capable of before we've done what we want to do with it. I'm not slamming ProTools - it's stable, it's powerful - but it is software/hardware after all, and just not as mighty or invincible as some people claim. Professionals back up their work to prevent disaster when mishaps occur - either on ProTools, Logic or any other app. Stability has never been a problem for me with Logic. Yes it crashes, occasionally... not regularly or often (I can't remember the last time it crashed, come to think of it - and I use it every day all day - except when I'm procrastinating like this) and no more than what I see in the ProTools world. And I back up my work.

    Finally, the few things I genuinely coveted about ProTools are now being addressed in Logic Pro 8: take management, busses as inputs, full surround integration, OMF and XML compatibility. Of course it remains to be seem how well these features actually work in practise (especially OMF which has been more like OMG in the Logic world). But... anyway... I guess I've rambled on a bit.

    If ProTools does what you want it to do and you know how to use it then it is the best choice. Otherwise, you might want to consider the hundreds of alternatives out there - inlcuding Logic.
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    Both PT and Logic are great aps. Unless you are getting into PTHD however, there is not much room to grow with PTLE.

    Being locked into LE hardware is a major disadvantage IMHO.
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