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Ok. I have two ipods. Now Three... My One IPOD has been updated with new version 7.4, my other one-(shuffle) was updated with 7.4....but..
I just got the new IPOD and when I connect it to my computer, it does not send me through the Setup Assistant....just tells me that I need a newer version of 7.4 to use the IPOD.

The problem comes when it directs me to the 'Download 7.4 version'...I hit the control key and says "thank you for downloading itunes"..
THe issue is that I already have iTunes and it asks me if I want to replace my existing itunes setup?
I say ok,and save it and nothing....Same screen and no prompts...

With my other two ipods, as soon as I have plugged into my computer; it recognizes it as a new ipod and takes me through to register and stuff....I can't download new version....so I am now in a rutt......

Can anyone help me to understand how I download the new version 7.4 into the new IPOD, so I can get started on the Setup Assistant?
What am I missing here???